In Vinnytsia, volunteers invented a recipe for “easy dyeing” of fabrics for camouflage nets: 17: 06: 2022

Mr. Andreu is over sixty years old. He could have gone abroad to visit his relatives, but he decided to stay here and help, if not in front, then in the back. In Vinnytsia, camouflage fabric is dyed with “construction” pigments. The recipe for the painting was invented by a settler, an architect by profession … Read more

Lazy stuffed cabbage recipe: how to cook with minced meat in the oven

Every housewife, even during the war, tries to pamper the family with a variety of dishes. And if you’ve already cooked chicken meatballs with tomato sauce, this time diversify your menu with lazy cabbage rolls. theLime shares a simple baked recipe. Ingredients for stuffed cabbage: minced pork and beef (600 g), rice (35 g), cabbage … Read more