5 recipes for the beauty of French women, for which everyone admires them

You can constantly admire the charm and style of French women, and you can learn the best and apply the tips in practice. In addition, here they are, all collected in our article, reports Ukr.Media.

SPF for each day

You will find a tanned Frenchwoman infrequently: here the Sanskrit is taught to use diapers. In many ways, this is the secret of your well-groomed skin. Instead of spending on a base, the French will buy a moisturizer with SPF. And wide-brimmed hats are not only part of the image, but also an additional means of protection.

If cryoprotection (protection of the skin from the cold) comes to the fore in our realities in winter, spring, summer and autumn we should follow the example of French women. Use Sanskrit daily (SPF 30 and above) and don’t skimp: single use is ¼ teaspoon.

Detox leek soup

The scale of national love for this product is amazing: 200,000 tons of leeks are grown every year! Believe me, it’s a lot. Not surprisingly, the light onion soup is a frequent guest on the French menu. Some ladies even organize a “detox weekend,” giving up other dishes and consuming only leek puree.

This low-calorie product does not irritate the gastric mucosa (unlike onions), perfectly satisfies appetite and has a beneficial effect on digestion. The secret recipe is simple: 1 kg of leeks pour 8 cups of water and simmer for 30 minutes. Add salt and pepper, add spices to taste and beat with a blender.

Fresh shower to tone

Hot water does not have a good effect on the skin: it dries the epidermis, which in turn causes early wrinkles and opacity. Maybe that’s why French women prefer to wash with water at room temperature and take a cool shower.

The key word is fresh, not icy (too cold water is stressful too). This approach not only refreshes but also improves the condition of the skin in the long run. Cold water stimulates blood circulation and helps maintain tone.

Work for a living

Instead of living to work. No, of course, there are workaholics among the French. But still most prefer a comfortable diet with long lunch breaks and at least one day off per week.

This value system highlights things that are most important: for example, a healthy 8-hour sleep that no French woman will sacrifice. And he will do well. Insomnia has a detrimental effect on health and appearance.

Cream from the fridge

Refrigerated care products treat edema more quickly and improve the skin. That’s why many French women keep cosmetics in the fridge (this, for example, Eva Green admits).

We know another reason to move the creams from the shelves to a cool place: here they last longer. The rule applies to organic cosmetics, products with vitamin C and retinol.

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