“And this borsch is waiting for you.” Yevhen Klopotenko opened a restaurant in Lviv and shared a recipe for Ukrainian coffee

The star chef spoke about the opening of the Lviv restaurant on Instagram. You can dine at the restaurant for free or for free.

«Dear Lviv citizens and guests of the city, “said Eugene Klopotenko on Instagram.” Today we will open quietly, and from tomorrow we will work. “
In honor of the opening, the restaurant served borscht and made coffee. The institution is located in the 2nd Soborna Square in Lviv. It will open tomorrow from 10 am. The name of the restaurant is Other.

The first two days, according to Klopotenko, will be held in test mode, and then the chef promises «lots of interesting cuisine.

«Those who have the opportunity will eat and pay. And those who can’t, who don’t know where to eat, will be fed for free “, added the winner. He added that he has not yet revealed all the details about the restaurant: “I can stand the intrigue, because it is very delicious. Waiting for you. And this borsch is waiting for you.”

After that, Klopotenko published a publication in English, where he shared a new recipe for Ukrainian coffee by expert Vadym Granovsky:

«To international friends. You can support Ukraine in any way. One of them is Ukrainian coffee. A very strong coffee. It gives energy and strength to the right people and despises the monsters who have decided that they have the right to ruin people’s lives. This concept has the support of a leading Ukrainian coffee expert @vadimgranovskiy. I provide informative and ideological assistance, Vadim is engaged in practical work. He created the perfect recipe and gave it many correct meanings. The idea has life. Turkish coffee, double espresso. Stir, drink, turn coffee into a portrait of Putin. Take a picture of an enemy who drowned in Ukrainian coffee and share it on social media. To make history remember the shame of being a creature so fed up with its ambitions as to kill the world around it.

The thing is, there will always be people who are stronger in spirit, and they will always win. Because they have many advantages in overcoming evil. Recipe in the gallery. Take it to your coffee shop, share it. There are also materials you can print for your coffee shop, links to the profile.

Ukrainian. Ukrainian coffee. Strong coffee, strong country “.

Recall, earlier NV wrote that Masterchef Judge Olga Martynovskaya became the medical volunteer. He also cooked borscht today in Prague to raise money for medicines. Yevhen Klopotenko used to prepare borsch in Lviv on behalf of Kharkiv chef Igor Mezentsev, who remains in his hometown.

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