Apple blossom tea is a recipe for a delicious and fragrant drink

Not everyone knows that in our garden grows a wonderful infusion, which will be a real find during the spring beriberi. I’m sure the botanist Ruslan Gleb of Transcarpathia. The owner collects flowers and apple leaves, from which he prepares a fragrant and useful tea.

“It is in May that many owners ration the apple crops in their gardens, that is, they remove too many flowers so that the future fruits are bigger. I will not throw the torn flower, which should not fall during the break, but I put it in a bowl. I also add young leaves, because the adult is bitter, – Ruslan Gleb said FACTS. – Any variety is suitable, but it is important that they are not treated with chemicals. Harvesting should be done in the morning, at 10-11 am, so that there is no dew and the bees do not collect the healing nectar from the flowers. I don’t have specific proportions, because it all depends on how many apples you have. Do not wash, as you will lose pollen.

The flower and the leaves are divided into three equal parts. The first has the largest fermentation. That’s why I knead everything with my hands to make the juice come out and make a bowl. Then cover with a damp, but not synthetic, towel made of natural fabric. Then put the mixture in the hot oven for three hours. From time to time I see if the towel is dry, then I moisten it again with water. As a result, the flowers and leaves should acquire a floral, spicy scent and a brownish-yellow color.

The second part of the mixture has a medium fermentation. I also graze it with my hands, but I put it in a bowl in layers, and moisten each with honey water (we add a tablespoon of honey to 200 ml of water). Cover with a damp towel and place in the sun or in a warm place for 2-3 hours.

The last part is immediately put in the dryer. When it’s almost dry, I treat it with plum or cherry smoke, because I have a homemade smoker with fruit firewood. Then the mixture will have a spicy and rich aroma. When everything is ready, I mix it, change to the desired fraction and dry another day. But you have to be careful not to get any rays of light, because then the tea can bloom. ”

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To prepare the drink, the interlocutor pours a tablespoon of flowers and leaves with boiling water and infuses for 5-10 minutes. Optionally add honey, sugar, ginger and lemon.

“It tastes like black tea with apple aroma. It tones. It contains many vitamins, pectin and trace elements. This is an excellent prevention of colds and gastrointestinal diseases. In addition, this tea is available to everyone and is natural. If you want diversify the tea, you can add cherry blossoms and leaves, which will add an almond flavor, but people with hypertension should not use this rate.Alternatively, I recommend the color of hawthorn or pears, which will not harm, but will only strengthen health.

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