“Available Medicines” in Martial Law: How to Get a Prescription and Find a Pharmacy

It is important that patients with chronic illnesses do not stop taking the medication prescribed by their doctor. This will help control your health and prevent deterioration. The Affordable Care Act continues to work for these patients.

How to get a recipe

Under martial law, Ukrainians can receive “Affordable Medicine” both electronically and on paper.

Thanks to this, even in the event of a power outage or the Internet, the doctor will be able to make a prescription and the pharmacy will be able to cancel it. The National Health Service reimburses pharmacies for the cost of medicines both electronically and on paper.

To receive medication under the Affordable Medication program, you should contact the appropriate physician, depending on the address:

  • bronchial asthma, type II diabetes, cardiovascular disease: the prescription is prescribed by a family doctor;
  • Mental and behavioral disorders: Prescription is only prescribed by a psychiatrist;
  • epilepsy – a psychiatrist or neurologist;
  • Diabetes mellitus – endocrinologist, if you need a prescription, may be prescribed by a family doctor.

Under martial law, a statement with a primary care physician is optional. If the patient has moved to another location, or is unable to contact the doctor with whom the statement is being made, this is not a problem. You can refer your prescription to any other family doctor, therapist or pediatrician if your child needs medication. Your doctor may prescribe “Available Medications” for one month.

We also remind you that the doctor with whom the patient has signed a statement can write a prescription over the phone. The prescription number and confirmation code will be sent to the patient’s phone.

How to find a pharmacy

Due to the situation in the country, not all pharmacies can dispense “Available Medicines”. We advise you to look for a pharmacy with “Medications Available” “Electronic card of pharmacies participating in the drug reimbursement program”. On the second page of the dashboard, in the filters on the left in the “Released” column, check the box next to the word “Yes.” This will filter out pharmacies that dispense “Available Medicines.” Notice the date the recipe was last released. It is located in the last column of the table, which is at the bottom of the map. Choose pharmacies that have published “Affordable Medicines” in the last seven days.

Thus, according to the board, during the last seven days “Medicines available” in the central regions published:

  • Vinnytsia region: 297 pharmacies and drugstores.
  • Kyiv – 115 pharmacies and drugstores.
  • Kyiv region – 84 pharmacies and drugstores.
  • Zhytomyr region – 224 pharmacies and drugstores.
  • Cherkasy Region: 192 pharmacies and drugstores.

Employees at the NSZU Contact Center at 16-77 will also help find a pharmacy with affordable medications.

Before you go to the pharmacy, we advise you to call and find out if you have the medicine you need. You can also ask the pharmacy staff to book it for you. Pharmacy phones are also on the desk.

We remind you that under the Affordable Medicines Program, patients with chronic illnesses can receive medications for free or for a small surcharge. These are diseases such as cardiovascular asthma, bronchial asthma, type 2 diabetes (the prescription for them is prescribed by a family doctor). And also: drugs for mental and behavioral disorders, epilepsy and diabetes mellitus (prescriptions are prescribed by specialized specialists: psychiatrists, neurologists, endocrinologists).

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