Boiled Russian recipe: Dip in cold water and heat slowly.

We always try to predict the future. This is how evolution created us. But sometimes (even more often than not) it can be a bad joke to a person.

A classic example is Putin’s decision to attack Ukraine instead of being limited to “partial” military and political action. Shortly before the war, the author of these lines also considered options for such actions, because rational thought simply refused to consider a scenario in which the main ideologue and creator of racism would decide a completely illogical step.

After all, even in the event of a quick military victory, this step put a slow-action mine under the “empire” that had been creating for so long (and now, obviously, simply the will bury).

However, not everything depends on leaders. In the text above, I explained how the circumstances created by leaders are finally beginning to “manage” these same leaders. The latter at some point simply cannot deviate from the chosen path without at least losing power.

In this sense, it still makes sense to think about the POSSIBLE future, but do not anticipate it, if we are already facing an unpredictable maniac.

The outlines of this possible future are defined not only by hostilities and economic sanctions, but also, for example, by a racist propaganda campaign.

Until a few years ago, most Russians would have laughed at the “information” about pathogens spreading through the wings of birds that only affects “people of Slavic nationality.” In fact, they laughed. After all, the very manufacture of “anti-Slavic” viruses is not the first year either.

Until recently, however, it remained the object of marginal faith. It’s very serious now, but there are objections from real biologists and Russians! – Almost no one listens.

Undoubtedly, this was made possible by the gradual rise in the degree of neo-imperial hysteria during almost all of Putin’s tenure. Ukraineophobia was an important component of this hysteria, and even inseparable. The fact that this Ukrainophobia is now going crazy was inevitable precisely because of the need to constantly “increase the degree”.

On the one hand, the human psyche adapts to any stimulus. And to keep it fit, you need to increase the strength of the stimulus. On the other hand, Russian society was treated according to the well-known principle of “frog cooking”. Many people know this parable: if you throw a frog in boiling water, it will jump, but if you submerge it in cold water and it starts to heat up slowly, the frog will end up boiling without noticing anything.

This is what happened to the Russians.

It is very significant that a society that has already reached the “boiled frog state” is detached from reality at all levels, to the highest level. The first proof of this is the apparent failure of Putin’s “lightning war” around the world, which was caused by a completely inadequate perception of the mood of Ukrainians (and the West, by the way). too).

However, the system in the format in which it still exists is doomed to relay more and more absurd myths. They are often posed situationally, “on their knees.”

This is what happened to the “Ukrainian nuclear weapons”, which racists spoke of only because President Zelensky criticized the Budapest Memorandum at the UN. Or with the “chemical weapon of the nationalists”, which first appeared in the Russian news space only because in Zolochev, where there is a large-scale production of ammonia, the Ukrainian army carried out chemical safety classes with local residents in case of poisoning due to possible bombing.

Within the parallel reality created by propaganda over two decades, these myths begin to live very quickly and the root causes are forgotten, moreover, on both sides of the news front.

On the Russian side, the closure of social media and the remnants of independent media also play an important role in this “forgetfulness.” It is therefore not surprising that in the intercepted SBU conversation of the occupant with his mother, you hear him assuring her that Kharkiv and Odessa have already been captured, and she does not object.

What is the possible future of the paths of this parallel reality? Obviously, “here and now” all these noodles in the ears are needed to motivate both the occupation forces and the Russian rearguard. Both here and there morale is not so high. And then it will only get worse.

At the same time, paradoxically, mass brainwashing is a convenient tool for strategic withdrawal.

Keep in mind that this does not mean that Putin or his strategists are already planning something similar. But objectively, in the event of a permanent exhaustion of the aggressor’s forces, the racist regime will try to explain to its population that the “special operation” … ended in success!

In fact, the Ukrainians will not infect anyone in Russia with viruses and will not drop an atomic bomb on anyone. What is this but the results of the remarkable work of “heroic” Russian soldiers and “high-precision” weapons? Especially along with the bravery reports of the Russian Ministry of Defense on thousands and thousands of destroyed “Ukrainian military installations” and, if you’re lucky, also with “gains” in the form of part of the coastal territories of Ukraine, where to start . declare another “people’s republic.”

Of course, against the Kremlin’s stated goals at the start of the aggression, this will look very good. But do many Russians already remember the statements of that time? And for those who have a particularly good memory is the new Russian legislation on the responsibility of the truth about the war.

We repeat: this is only a possible future. Today, the best options should not be ruled out, until the elimination of Putin by more or less conscious allies, or the worst, until the use of weapons of mass destruction of racism.

But if we talk about the previous option, we should understand that even the withdrawal of the occupation forces from the Donbass and Crimea, but keeping the current distorted image of the world in the minds of the Russians, will mean resuming the war so soon as “there is.” “Rest and prepare again. Because in this image of the world there can be no other by definition.

Only the end of racism as a phenomenon can ensure peace for Ukraine and for the whole world.

As you can see, this is a separate issue that will only make sense if we survive the current “hot phase” of war.

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