Butter – useful properties: recipes for cooking butter at home

Fat helps the body adapt to the cold and boosts immunity

Ukrainians are believed to love lard at any time of year, and especially in the fall and winter, because it helps the body adapt to the cold and increases the body’s resistance to various viruses, which now it is very important. This product has many useful properties, but not all lard is considered useful.

Nutritionist Wanda Levaniuk will now tell you which lard to choose from to make the most of it. How much you can eat a day, so as not to lose weight and not exaggerate your cholesterol. And she shares interesting recipes for cooking lard at home.

Useful properties of lard

“Fat contains arachidonic acid, which has a number of useful properties. It is involved in the construction of cell membranes, the brain, the heart muscle, the kidneys, restores muscle tissue in children and adolescents during active growth, accelerates “Arachidonic acid has a positive effect on the female body, regulates the hormonal system, makes the skin flexible and elastic, etc.,” says Wanda Levaniuk.

Fat also contains oleic acid, which prevents the oxidation of lipids. Toxic products are formed during the oxidation of fatty acids, which affect cell membranes, causing atherosclerosis and oncology.

Fat contains fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E), vitamins C, PP, B vitamins, trace elements: selenium, manganese, zinc, iron. Selenium prevents cancer cells from growing.

Fat helps eliminate toxins, radionuclides, improves intellectual performance, strengthens the immune system. It is recommended for chronic bronchitis, pulmonary tuberculosis, polyarthritis, osteochondrosis, rheumatism, diabetes.

How to choose a good lard?

The nutritionist says that fresh and frozen lard is the best, because many bioactive substances are lost during the heat treatment.

Do not eat yellow lard, as it has oxidized and lost a lot of nutrients.

Grease should be chosen clean, without streaks and fibers, soft. Ideally, 4-5 cm thick lard put on sale a product from an ecologically polluted area.

When is it best to eat lard and how much?

It is best to eat lard in the morning. The fats it contains help to better absorb red and orange carotenoids, so it should be combined with carrots, tomatoes or borscht.

“It is better to combine lard with starchy foods: potatoes, cornmeal, or food with rye or wholemeal bread and spicy ingredients: horseradish, mustard, red pepper. The combination of lard and vegetables is good for those who want to lose weight, ”says Wanda Levaniuk.

Fat, he said, protects the gastric mucosa from the effects of ethyl alcohol. Therefore, if you are planning a party with alcohol, you should eat a piece of lard beforehand. But it is not recommended to drink alcohol with lard because it is an excessive burden on the pancreas.

Fat is a high-calorie product, 100 g contains about 900 kcal, so the daily norm is up to 20 g (several pieces).

People with diseases of the gallbladder, gallbladder, pancreas, especially during exacerbations, with an altered cholesterol metabolism should eat pork butter with caution.

Recipes for cooking healthy lard at home

Spread with garlic

Ingredients: (5 servings)

  • lard – 100 g,
  • garlic – two grains,
  • salt, pepper (to taste),
  • dill, green onion (to taste).

Cut the lard into pieces, grind in a meat grinder, squeeze the garlic, salt and pepper and mix well. This spread will go well with black bread as a separate barrel, or is delicious to eat with borscht.

Before this spread, you can optionally chop green dill or green onion. Burebrods with this extension can be prepared for both family members and guests.

If you suddenly don’t have a meat grinder and you really want to spread it, you can cut the lard into small cubes and add the rest of the ingredients.

Let this buttered cream rest for at least three hours before eating.


Spread with garlic, dill and paprika

Ingredients: (15 servings)

  • lard – 300 g,
  • garlic – 2 grains,
  • dill – 3-4 twigs,
  • sweet pepper – a small or medium-sized.

Turn the lard into a meat grinder and divide it into three equal parts. In the first press the garlic (to taste), in the second chop the dill finely, in the third sweet paprika.

Line the bottom of the square glass with cling film. Then spread the first layer of garlic with garlic, the second with dill and on top with pepper. Press lightly, cover with cling film and place in the freezer for 2-3 hours. And then you get it, cut it into pieces. Leave a piece and enjoy, the rest in the freezer.



Ingredients: (12 servings)

  • salted lard – 250 g,
  • red or yellow pepper – 80 g,
  • garlic – 2 grains,
  • hot red pepper -0, 2 teaspoons
  • salt – about 0, 5 teaspoons,
  • chopped parsley, pepper mixture – to taste.

Grind the lard in a meat grinder and spread a thin layer evenly over transparent film, back 10 cm on each side. In a separate bowl, chop the peppers, garlic, chopped parsley, add a mixture of peppers, hot red pepper, salt, mix well and spread evenly over the lard. Roll in a roll of cling film, turn the free ends, tie with a string and put in the freezer for about 2 hours.

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Butter with coriander

Ingredients: (5 servings)

  • lard – 100 g,
  • coriander (whole) – 1 tbsp. l,
  • salt – to taste.

Salt the butter on all sides and grate the coriander well, wrap in cling film and place in the freezer for two hours.


salted lard


  • water – 1 liter
  • butter with layers of meat – 1 kg
  • dry garlic (fresh will be bitter in a couple of days in water) – 80 g
  • bay leaf – 4–5 pieces.
  • pepper mixture – 20 pieces.
  • Jamaican pepper – 5 pieces.
  • salt – 2.5 tbsp. l

Take a capacity of 2.5 liters (should not be wide and high). Cut the lard into 200-300 g pieces. Crush the spices, stir. Bring the water to a boil, add salt and cool. Put the lard in a bowl with spices, pour cold salted water on top, cover with cling film or lid and refrigerate, but turn every day. In 3-5 days the lard is ready. We take a piece and taste it, wrap the rest in the freezer.

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