Canned fish in a multicooker: how to cook at home

Russia’s large-scale war against Ukraine lasts 71 days. Many people were forced to leave their homes and stay in the dark. Others spend most of their time in air raid shelters and basements, where it is not possible to cook completely. Therefore, housewives try to make blank spaces in times of calm, which are stored for a long time without a refrigerator and can be taken with you at any time. For example, homemade stew or canned fish. the Lime share a simple recipe for cooking such preserves in a multicooker.

Ingredients: small fish (1 kg), onion (2 pieces), tomato (5-6 pieces), carrots (1 unit), spices, salt, vegetable oil (for frying).



To prepare canned foods in a multicooker, you can buy small fish, such as the chaplain or the spades. No need to clean it, just remove the heads and tails and rinse well with running water.

Rinse vegetables with water, peel onions and carrots. Finely chop the onion with a knife and grate the carrots. Make small incisions in the tomatoes, cover them with boiling water and peel them. Then toss the tomatoes in a blender and puree.

Pour oil into the bowl of the multicooker, activate the “Fry” or “Fry” mode and fry the onion for about 5-7 minutes, then add the carrots.

Then add the prepared fish to the vegetables, stir, cook for a few minutes and pour in the chopped tomatoes. Salt and pepper to taste. Turn on “Stew” mode in multicooker and leave for 4 hours. Stir regularly to prevent the fish and vegetables from burning.

During this time it is necessary to prepare jars and lids for canning. The benches are sterilized in any way: in the water bath, in the oven or in the microwave. To make this can, small jars (up to 0.5 liters) are suitable, which are convenient to sterilize in a microwave oven. Wash them with baking soda or detergent, pour about 100 ml of cold water on each one and put them on high power for 5-10 minutes. Soak the lids in boiling water for 5-10 minutes.

Pour the hot mixture of fish and vegetables into sterile jars and roll them up with the lids. Turn them upside down, cover with a blanket and let them cool. You can then take these canned foods to the road or to the air raid shelter or store them at home for a long time.


    1. Canned fish is best cooked over low heat. Bones are not normally removed because they simply do not feel after prolonged heat treatment.

    2. You can use both sea and river fish for canning.

    3. For canned foods, it is desirable to take fish with the skin intact and only fresh.


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