Bograch Transcarpathian recipe: how to cook at home with pork

If you don’t know what to cook for lunch and your family is tired of traditional or green borscht, try diversifying your menu with bograch. This is a dish of Hungarian cuisine, which will replace both the first and the second. theLime shares a proven recipe with you. Ingredients: pork (500 g), beef (500 g), … Read more

Vanilla Biscuit Recipe: How to Make a Simple Ice Cream Cake

Even during the war, which has been going on in Ukraine for almost 3 months, no one has canceled the small holiday. In some cities, people do not have the opportunity to buy or order a cake, so many housewives have learned to cook simple desserts at home. And if you’ve already made a broken … Read more

Doctors in Vinnytsia issue prescriptions under the “Affordable Medicine” program. How to arrive? : 15: 05: 2022

Pharmacies distribute medicines under the state program “Affordable Medicines” to patients with an electronic prescription. It can be obtained from Vinnytsia’s medical institutions. The electronic prescription arrives on the mobile phone in the form of an SMS with a unique number and confirmation code or in printed form. The Ministry of Health has recently simplified … Read more

Putin wants to beat Stalin: an interview with an expert on the recipe for the Russian victory of the Führer

Will Putin announce a general mobilization and what result will it achieve, what do the Russians want to do with the occupied areas of southern Ukraine and how strongly the Kremlin entourage supports the continuation of the war? Read We will no longer have to constantly ask for weapons: an expert in land leasing The … Read more

Healthy breakfasts: the 5 best recipes New channel

It is not always possible to diversify breakfasts. What to cook quickly not only for you, but also for the most demanding family members? So that you don’t have to start every morning with oatmeal, we’ve compiled a list of five unusual healthy breakfasts that will appeal to both adults and children. Cheese mousse This … Read more

Lasagna recipe with minced meat: how to cook at home

Housewives, for whom cooking is not just a routine but a hobby, often experiment with both Ukrainian and other cuisine. And if you’ve already pampered your family with an appetizing “Four Cheeses” pizza, this time make lasagna with minced meat and cheese. theLime shares a simple recipe with you. Ingredients: minced meat (800 g), tomato … Read more

“Walnuts with condensed milk”: a recipe by Lisa Glinska

“Walnuts with condensed milk”: a recipe by Lisa Glinska | Chief Master We use cookies to analyze and improve the work of our site, to personalize advertising. By continuing to visit the site, you accept the use of cookies and accept the Privacy Policy. I agree PCEtLSA8c2NyaXB0IGRhdGEtb3V0c3RyZWFtLWlkPSIxMjQ5Ig0KZGF0YS1vdXRzdHJlYW0tZm9ybWF0PSJmdWxsc2NyZWVuIiBkYXRhLW91dHN0cmVhbS1zaXRlX2lkPSJTVEJfRnVsbHNjcmVlbiIgZGF0YS1vdXRzdHJlYW0tY29udGVudF9pZD0id3d3LnN0Yi51YS9tYXN0ZXJjaGVmIiBzcmM9Ii8vcGxheWVyLnZlcnRhbWVkaWEuY29tL291dHN0cmVhbS11bml0LzIuMDEvb3V0c3RyZWFtLXVuaXQubWluLmpzIj48L3NjcmlwdD4gLS0+ 05/12/2022 Nuts with condensed milk: the perfect treat … Read more

Recipe for semolina without lumps

Lumpy semolina recipe Everything will be fine We use cookies to analyze and improve the work of our site, to personalize advertising. By continuing to visit the site, you accept the use of cookies and accept the Privacy Policy. I agree PHNjcmlwdCBkYXRhLW91dHN0cmVhbS1pZD0iMTI0OSINCmRhdGEtb3V0c3RyZWFtLWZvcm1hdD0iZnVsbHNjcmVlbiIgZGF0YS1vdXRzdHJlYW0tc2l0ZV9pZD0iU1RCX0Z1bGxzY3JlZW4iIGRhdGEtb3V0c3RyZWFtLWNvbnRlbnRfaWQ9Ind3dy5zdGIudWEvZG9icmUiIHNyYz0iLy9wbGF5ZXIudmVydGFtZWRpYS5jb20vb3V0c3RyZWFtLXVuaXQvMi4wMS9vdXRzdHJlYW0tdW5pdC5taW4uanMiPjwvc2NyaXB0Pg0K 05/12/2022 Don’t know how to cook semolina without lumps? Marina Shevchenko reveals useful … Read more

Asparagus, okroshka and polenta. Three seasonal recipes by Yevhen Klopotenko

According to the instructions of a gastronomic expert, you can prepare a wonderful dinner with seasonal products. The closer the summer gets, the more you want light dishes with fresh notes. In mid-May you can safely start the season for cold asparagus and soups, perfect for spicy cheese polenta. Asparagus recipe with béchamel sauce Ingredients: … Read more

Current recipe: how to quickly cook a cake without baking

Worldwide, World Nurse Day is celebrated on May 12th. The party was approved by the International Council of Nurses on the birthday of the British sister of Mercy Florence Nightingale, who organized care for Allied soldiers wounded in Turkey during the Crimean War (Coalition of France, Ottoman Empire, Great Britain and Sardinia v. Russia). Florence … Read more