How to make yeast at home: recipes | Homemade yeast recipes

Yeast is currently hard to find in May Day stores. Are you also looking for a homemade yeast recipe online? Be careful: there are nuances. How to cook yeast at home: recipes and comments from a Gard.City microbiologist. Also read the proven recipe for homemade unleavened bread with kefir. Also read: Homemade unleavened bread with … Read more

English Christmas cake: a recipe at home

This cake is prepared in a very similar way in different countries. Recipes vary in detail. The most important thing is not to hesitate, because in England and Germany this cake (as they say) is aged for several weeks before serving. In any case, this dish is not cheap, but the holidays are approaching! Ingredients: … Read more

Meringue Recipe How to cook air meringue with Charlotte cream: a simple dessert recipe from Svatove.City

Meringue – delicious in a light French dessert. It does not require a large number of products and the cooking process itself is not complicated, but many do not yield, because the meringue simply does not rise. We will explain how easy it is to cook meringue with cream. Meringue in French means kiss (baiser). … Read more

“Only for Ukrainians.” Yevhen Klopotenko shared a simple recipe for unleavened bread for those who can pronounce the word palyanytsya correctly

Pa became a weapon in the war with the Russian occupiers. Ukrainians test suspects on the language using the word, as Russians cannot pronounce it correctly. On the Internet, this became an occasion for jokes and the creation of various memes and popular art. The video in which Russian propagandist Olga Skabeeva tried to utter … Read more