Corn, Coconut, Cream, Chickpeas: Top 5 Vogue Pancake Recipes Ukraine

5 pancake recipes, with and without. Anastasia Holoborodko, certified nutritionist, food therapist, UNICEF nutrition consultant in Ukraine, shares her recipes

Pancakes, donuts, cakes: a dish of dozens of cuisines from around the world. This is always a simple recipe, based on the most common cereal flour, nuts or legumes in the area, easy to store and accessible. All pancakes in this material – in an alternative, different from the most popular wheat flour in the world. They will not be like the classics. But they can be even more interesting and rich in component composition, benefits and taste.

Corn pancakes


1 cup corn;

1 or;

sweetener to taste: sugar, maple syrup or honey;

a bit of salt;

3/4 cup water;

2-3 st. l. unrefined oil (olive oil, coconut oil, avocado);

Unrefined frying oil – the same as in the dough (can be replaced by ghee butter).


Mix the cornmeal, eggs, salt, sweetener and water in a bowl. If you want thinner pancakes, you can add more water – the dough will be thinner. Beat until smooth. Fry over medium heat with a little oil on both sides, until it becomes a reddish crust.

If you make it thicker and do not add sugar, you will get fine pancakes that will taste like salty fillings like guacamole.

Salted coconut pancakes

Ideal recipe for those who are allergic or sensitive to gluten, as well as for those who follow a keto or paleodiet diet.


2/3 cup coconut shavings;

4 eggs;

½ cup of water;

1-2 st. l. coconut milk (optional);

1—3 st. l. coconut or olive oil for frying.


In a blender or food processor, beat the coconut flakes, eggs, water and 1-2 tbsp. l. coconut milk. It will work without it, but it will be tastier with milk. Beat until smooth. If the mixer is not too powerful, beat for a long time to grind the chips until floury.

Fry small pancakes in a well-heated pan with coconut or olive oil. Coconut cream and fresh blueberries are the perfect addition. Yes, pancakes are hard to turn around, you have to fill your hand.

The most delicious – when a little fresh. In particular, with tapenades and olive pâtés.

Chickpea cakes

Water cakes and an ingredient, the perfect substitute for bread, pancakes, “dip” for guacamole and zucchini caviar.


0.5 cups of chickpea flour;

1-1.5 cups of water.


Mix the chickpea flour and water to make the dough look like liquid yogurt. Let stand 10 minutes. Cook in a dry skillet over medium heat on both sides.

Thicker options: chickpea flour, a little almond flour, dried garlic, dried chili and black salt. Delicious – amazing. Can half be mixed with rice flour? – Of couse. Can it be replaced by soaked lentils? – 100% yes. Can I add onions, herbs, spices? – Yet. You can only take chickpea flour, dill and paprika, salt. To my taste, it’s also better than wheat and corn omelettes.

You can eat guacamole. It is possible with the so-called leeks and mushrooms. You can use baked zucchini or eggplant caviar as a filling. A little more daring: everything is delicious, really very simple.

Sweet coconut pancakes


2 ripe bananas;

2 eggs;

40 g of coconut or flour shavings (shavings are better because they give a good texture);

½ teaspoon of cinnamon;

1r. l. psyllium;

1 tablespoon coconut oil or butter oil (ghee, cream) for frying.


Mix the ingredients and bake like normal pancakes. The main thing – to cook at a very moderate temperature, you can – under the lid.

Cream pancakes

Classic US and homemade pancakes, but with a change of ingredients.


200 ml of coconut yogurt;

1r. l. unrefined sugar;

a bit of salt;

2 eggs;

a little coconut oil or butter;

4-6 st. l. gluten-free flour mixture (components prepared from tapioca flour);

a little yeast powder or baking soda.


Mix all ingredients with a blender or fork. Bake in a moderately warmed pan, lightly greased with coconut oil or butter, spreading the pancakes with a tablespoon.

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