Culinary Sunday morning, or how to make a Bandera smoothie cocktail

Smoothie cocktail Flag

All decent Lviv residents like to enjoy a cup of good coffee every Sunday after visiting a church, church, synagogue or mosque. War is not a greeting to give up, but to diversify culinary preferences.

Now, together with our constant partner, Old Lviv Coffee Brand, we will share with you a trendy recipe for the Bandera smoothie cocktail.

What does it take to make a Bandera smoothie cocktail?

Glass bottle with a volume of 0.5 or 0.7 liters. It is better to use bottles with thin walls, they are easier to break (this is necessary for the cocktail to work). Soviet-style vodka bottles are good, and wine or beer bottles are worse. To make a cocktail, you also need gasoline and a strip of rough cloth 20 to 35 cm long (the fabric must be non-synthetic – to burn).

To make the cocktail more effective and burn longer, you can add acetone, foam or motor oil.

Smoothie cocktail Flag

How to Make a Bandera Smoothie Cocktail?

The easiest way to make a “Molotov cocktail” is to fill a glass bottle with gasoline by a third (you can make half, but by no means at all). The cloth must be put in the bottle so that half of it is on the outside: it will be a wick, which must be impregnated with petrol.

Then make a cork from another cloth (you can grab a woman’s tampon) and tightly cover the neck of the bottle so that the gasoline does not evaporate and spill. You can fix everything with duct tape.

That’s all, the simplest version of the “Molotov cocktail” is ready, more precisely, the “Molotov cocktail”, as the Finns called it, who invented this recipe during the Soviet-Finnish war.

Remember safety with flammable materials. Gasoline and acetone vapors are dangerous to health, so it is desirable to make “cocktails” outdoors.

Outline of the Bandera smoothie cocktail

A more difficult way is to make the so-called napalm. This cocktail burns longer because the incendiary mixture sticks to the object in which it hit the bottle.

Mix 100 ml of acetone in a bowl, grind and pour in the foam, dissolving well until a thick syrup-like mixture is formed. Pour the mixture into a bottle and then add gasoline in a 1: 1 ratio. Then insert a cloth into the bottle, the outside of which should also be soaked with the resulting mixture. Instead of polystyrene and acetone, you can add engine oil in a ratio of one part oil to two parts gasoline. Remember to fill no more than 2/3 of the bottle; this is necessary to accumulate vapors.

The shelf life of Bandera is up to 24 hours, with each hour decreasing the quality of the cocktail. Therefore, it is desirable to cook it just before the party of guests on the porch.

Label rules or how guests are served a Bandera smoothie cocktail

While holding the bottle, carefully light the wick (the cloth outside the bottle). You have to throw a cocktail when the tank is far enough to hit the target. To dazzle a Russian tank, the Flag cocktail hits the strips of its optical instruments and the inspection slot. To damage the engine, it is necessary to enter the ventilation grilles behind the tank tower. To do this, toss a cocktail next to or behind the tank.

Scheme of effective destruction of tanks

By the way, tank caterpillars can be deactivated if they are filled with a heavy metal object such as a rail or pipe liner.

Safety Precautions When Using a Flag Shaped Cocktail

Remember! When making a cocktail, there should be no open flames nearby, including cigarettes. Gasoline and acetone vapors are dangerous to health, so it is desirable to do so outdoors.

So, good morning Sunday, dear citizens of Lviv.


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