Current recipe: how to quickly cook a cake without baking

Worldwide, World Nurse Day is celebrated on May 12th.

The party was approved by the International Council of Nurses on the birthday of the British sister of Mercy Florence Nightingale, who organized care for Allied soldiers wounded in Turkey during the Crimean War (Coalition of France, Ottoman Empire, Great Britain and Sardinia v. Russia).

Florence has consistently implemented the principles of sanitation, which has reduced mortality in hospitals.

Today, when the whole world helps Ukraine to fight the “heirs of the Russian Empire”, the holiday takes on a new meaning, as doctors from all over the world come to our country to save our fellow citizens.

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World Nursing Day is a custom that will delight members of the profession with simple yet affordable treats that will help them remember their “peaceful” life in the countryside.

These sweets, for example, can be an uncooked cake and lazy balls with poppy seeds.

To prepare the first course you will need:

  • Vushka cookies – 360 g;

  • 33% cream – 400 g;

  • condensed milk – 250 g

In the cooking process, you need to beat the cream and a thin stream, beating constantly, add condensed milk. Then you have to spread the base of the cake or the flat plate with cream, stretch a layer of cookies and spread with cream. And do it for each layer.

Then you have to make a crumb with the leftover cookies and spread it on the cake.

After that, put the cake in the fridge overnight and in the morning add fresh or canned fruit and berries or jam.

For the second year – lazy balls with poppy seeds – you can use:

  • briquette cheese – 360 g;

  • or – 1 piece;

  • poppy seeds – 30 g;

  • flour – 80 g;

  • sugar – 50 g.

During cooking, mix the poppy seeds with flour and sugar, add to other ingredients. After that, sprinkle the table with flour and roll the sausage, about 5 cm, then cut it into pieces, pass it through flour, pressing with a knife. Then pour water into the pan, add salt and bring to a boil. And we can throw a ball of dough.

When they leave, ready, we go to greet the medical workers who are rescuing our soldiers at the front.

We will remember, before the inhabitant of Mariupol spoke of the heroism of the nurses who rescued people in emergency conditions, in the absence of doctors, medicines and continuous unhealthy conditions.


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