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Kutia from the Khmelnytsky region is included in the encyclopedia of the Ukrainian gastronomic heritage of Ukraine.

Last Christmas Eve kuti recipe from the Khmelnytsky region added to the Ukrainian encyclopedia “Ukrainian Gastronomic Heritage: Traditions of Hospitality and the Culture of Cuisine”. How we traditionally cook kutia and what traditions are still followed in our material. He shared the peculiarities of cooking kuti and the traditions that existed in Podillya on Christmas day Khmelnytsky Regional Scientific and Methodological Center of Culture and Arts.

Kutia of Khmelnytsky region

• Crushed rock – 0.5 kg;
• Water – 3 liters;
• Poppy – 300 g;
• Honey – 200 g. ;
• Raisins – 100 g;
• Halva – 200 g;
• Nuts – 200 gr. ;
• Candied fruit – 100 g;
• Sugar – 100 g.

First you have to bake the clean wheat until it is ready. Boil water, add wheat. Add honey, sugar, halva, steamed raisins, as well as toasted nuts, grated poppy seeds. Mix everything well, let it infuse a little. Before serving, sprinkle the corner with candied fruit. All ingredients can be added as desired.

You have to start cooking in a good mood, because otherwise the food will not work.

Christmas Eve signs and traditions

The main festive dish, which has preserved the symbolism of the memorial, is the kutia, which is cooked in the morning to take it out of the oven with the first rays of the sun.

Wheat, which is often used to make kutia, should not be mixed, because it is believed that “wheat will be in the field.” When the wheat is cooked, the hostess fills the poppy with boiled water to infuse it, drains the water and gives the poppy to the owner to rub. The hostess can never do that. They also say that single girls should not lick makogin, because a man will go bald.

The hostess doesn’t have to borrow anything that day, because “she’ll beg all year.” Also return your “so that the year is not enough.”

Before placing 12 dishes on the table, hay was thrown underneath so that the children would be free to raise chickens. Hay was also placed on the table and garlic cloves were placed in the corners on the side, “so that no evil force could be found.” The top of the table is covered with a festive tablecloth. Grandpa is placed on the table and twelve fasting dishes are served. The corner should be placed in the middle of the table in a new bowl of makita or ceramic. Put as many spoons as family members as well – for dead relatives. When the family sits down to dinner, a candle is lit, you must first pray. Then the host first grabs a corner of the spoon and begins the meal. Kuti has to eat three tablespoons.

Because the Khmelnytsky region is famous for its nuts, they are used to make dumplings, cakes and, of course, compote. It is, along with kutia, the main dish on the table.

After dinner, if there are single girls in the house, they collect all the spoons and go to the threshold to bite them: in which corner does the dog bark, from this end you have to wait for the groom.

After dinner, he traditionally attends night service. Kutya is left on the table so that the ancestors can be treated. You should also visit your godchildren on this day. As they say, “bring the baptized to dinner.”

You can also sing carols after dinner.

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