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If you think cooking meringue at home is difficult, you’re wrong: in fact, it’s a pretty simple recipe, it’s just important to know a few nuances. By Juliet’s Guard.City: A classic home-made meringue recipe.

Meringue or meringue?

Once upon a time, in the last century, these airy desserts were called the “wind of Spain”. Light, tender cakes really look like a warm southwest.

Translated from the French, “baiser” means “kiss”.

In fact, these cakes are tender, airy, light and sweet as kisses. Although in fact the word “meringue” is more correct to call egg whites beaten with sugar, and baked dry cakes then meringues. And the meringue is of three types: French, Italian and Swiss. Each species has its own peculiarities of cooking.

  • The simplest recipe French meringue, when the egg whites are beaten with sugar, and then the cakes are dried in the oven: this is what we will cook.
  • For Italian meringue, not sugar but sugar syrup is added to the protein, beaten and protein cream is obtained.
  • Swiss meringue is cooked in the steam bath and retains its shape better, making it perfect for decorating cakes and desserts.


To make your own snack at home, you’ll need a blender, a large bowl, baking parchment, a baking tray, a pastry dish (although a regular sandwich will work), and a baking thermometer.


For 45-50 pieces:

  • Egg whites – 3 pieces.
  • Sugar – 150 g.
  • A little citric acid.
  • A pinch of salt.

Secrets of cooking meringue

  1. Proportions for the meringue 50 g of sugar for 1 egg white (150 g of sugar was needed for 3 proteins weighing 100 g).
  2. Eggs for the meringue should be the freshest, then the protein is elastic and keeps its shape well. Break the egg and look: if the egg white is around the yolk in a ring, the egg is fresh; if it spreads, it’s best to take another.
  3. The yolks should be separated from the protein so that not a single drop of yolk enters the protein. It is advisable to break each egg separately only by hand: the yolk remains in the palm and the protein flows between the fingers in a bowl. This reduces the risk of damaging the buds. They can be used for another recipe, such as bread crumbs with egg yolks.
  4. Citric acid adds stability to protein mass and salt helps better beat protein.
  5. Dishes should be clean, dry and degreased.

Meringue recipe for 3 eggs

Cover the pan with parchment paper, grease the paper with a piece of butter.

Preheat oven to 110 degrees.

Start beating the egg whites at room temperature on low speed, adding a pinch of salt. When the foam begins to thicken and the blender leaves traces, it is time to add sugar little by little: 1 teaspoon every 10-15 seconds. Add citric acid with the first tablespoon of sugar. Increase the beating speed to half and then to the maximum. It will take 6-8 minutes. If the protein mass remains stable “hard peaks”, enough. Another interesting way to check if the whipped protein is enough for the meringue turn the bowl over. Well-assembled proteins do not fall into it.

We pass the whipped cream to a package with a nozzle and distribute the meringue, leaving a distance of 2-3 cm between them, if there is no pastry sleeve, we cut a corner of the usual or simply distribute the meringue with a spoon.

Meringue recipeMeringue recipeAuthor: Juliet

Baked meringue recipe

It is important to maintain the temperature: the meringue should not be cooked, but should be dried at a temperature of not less than 100 or more than 120 degrees Celsius, ideally. 110 degrees. If less, the meringue will not dry out, if at all, it will turn into a caramel brown tow.

So put the pan in a preheated oven in the middle and do your business – it’s best not to open the oven door for the first hour. Then you can look and check carefully: the finished meringue becomes dry and light, and when you touch your finger you can hear the characteristic sound.

The meringue is baked for 1.5 to 2 hours. Do not rush to remove the pan: leave the meringues in the oven closed until they cool completely.

This way, you can prepare not only meringue cakes in portions, but also meringue cakes for cakes.

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