How to get an electronic prescription for “Affordable Medications” and insulin from a patient without a statement

The primary care physician will now be able to prescribe an electronic prescription for “Available Medications” and insulin to the patient without a statement.

According to the Ministry of Health, this means that Ukrainians who have moved to a safer place and who have no contact with their doctor, with whom the statement is made, can continue to receive the necessary medication for free or with a surcharge. To do so, contact any family physician, therapist, or pediatrician at the nearest primary care center. You do not need to re-sign the return. These changes will take place during martial law.

That is, the primary care physician can now prescribe an electronic prescription medication for asthma, type II diabetes, and undiagnosed cardiovascular disease. The doctor will also prescribe medication for diabetes and insulin if the patient has previously received an endocrinologist treatment plan.

It will be recalled that from the beginning of the war, primary care physicians, to whom patients applied without a statement, could only write a prescription on paper, although it was possible to create an electronic prescription. Now, if the doctor has access to the electronic health system, he will create an electronic prescription, and his confirmation number and code will be sent to the patient’s phone. If you do not have access to the electronic health care system, the doctor will write a prescription on paper, which will put your signature and stamp.

We also remind you that the doctor with whom the patient has signed a statement can write a prescription over the phone. The prescription number and confirmation code will be sent to the patient’s phone.

To obtain “Affordable Medicines,” please contact the nearest pharmacy that has a contract with the National Health Insurance Fund. You can find a pharmacy with the help of the “Electronic Card of Pharmacies Participating in Drug Reimbursement Program.” Or contact the National Health Insurance Fund contact center at 16-77.

Before you go to the pharmacy, we advise you to call and find out if you have the medicine you need. You can also ask the pharmacy staff to book it for you. Pharmacy phones are also on the desk.

Remember that during the treatment in a hospital, the ultrasonic research designated by the doctor is done for free. Like other necessary examinations, ultrasound is included in the corresponding package of services. Therefore, the scan can be performed immediately at the same hospital where the patient is being treated.

The NSZU Contact Center continues to operate. Number 16-77 provides information on the provision of health care and the operation of the medical system during martial law, according to the Ministry of Health.

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