How to get free insulin during martial law?

How to get free insulin during martial law?

Insulin release is greatly simplified during martial law. Insulin addicts can receive vital medications in both electronic and paper prescriptions. Doctors no longer indicate the trade name of the insulin in the prescription, only its type. And the overdose on insulin drugs has been abolished. These changes significantly increase insulin availability during martial law.

In the interest of today’s patient Insulins are available by prescription or on paper. In the event of a power outage or the Internet, the doctor will be able to write a prescription and the pharmacy will return it.

If the doctor has access to the electronic health system, he will create an electronic prescription, and his confirmation number and code will be sent to the patient’s phone. If you do not have access to the electronic health care system, the doctor will write a prescription on paper, which will put your signature and stamp. Insulin prescriptions are issued for no more than one month during martial law.

The insulin prescription can:

  • family doctor, therapist or pediatrician with whom the patient has a statement (according to the treatment plan developed by an endocrinologist);
  • endocrinologist;
  • a paper prescription can also be made by any family doctor, therapist or pediatrician – with whom the patient has no statement;

It is important that now in prescription, the doctor does not indicate the trade name of the drug and the type of insulin:

1) human genetic engineering insulin: – short-acting; – average share;

2) short-acting insulin analogue;

3) long-acting insulin analogue;

4) combined insulin (30/70 human genetic engineering, 30/70 analog insulin).

This expands the availability of drugs for insulin addicts. After all, instead of a specific trade name, the pharmacy employee will offer the patient the available medications that are appropriate for the patient, according to the prescription.

Please note that all insulin addicts will be able to receive insulin at no additional cost. This applies to the 47 drugs listed in the Reimbursable Drug Registry: The National Health Insurance Fund will reimburse pharmacies for the full cost of insulin.

Currently, 198 pharmacies release insulin in areas covered by the Central Interregional Department of the National Health Insurance Fund. Before contacting the nearest pharmacy, you should call them to find out their opening hours and check for insulin. List of pharmacies with insulin (constantly updated):

We also remind you of the organizations you can contact for help if you need insulin:

Ministry of Health hotline 0 800 60 20 19. The operator will record your application and process it. Insulin will be provided at a pharmacy or, if possible, delivered by volunteers.

NGO “Assistance to patients with diabetes mellitus SaharOK”, Tetyana Avramenko, 0503134768,

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