How To Get Free Medications For Mental Disorders And Epilepsy

Patients can receive “Available Medications” for free or with a small surcharge for mental and behavioral disorders and epilepsy.

These are 57 drugs for the treatment of epilepsy, mental and behavioral disorders (including post-traumatic stress disorder, schizophrenia, affective disorders, depression and neurotic disorders) Of these, 18 are completely free, the rest with a supplement. Currently, 587 pharmacies sell these drugs.

These are 3,081 drug dispensaries nationwide, according to the National Health Service of Ukraine.

How to get a recipe

Psychiatrists prescribe medications for mental and behavioral disorders, medications for the treatment of epilepsy: psychiatrists and neurologists. GPs do not prescribe these areas.

A psychiatrist from any medical institution can write a prescription. That is, the patient or their legal representative should contact the nearest medical institution where the psychiatrist works, it may be a multidisciplinary hospital or a specialized medical institution. It does not matter where the patient resides, registers, or treats. Contact Center Operators 16-77 will help you find the nearest hospital. No referral is required to see a psychiatrist.

In a state of war, patients can receive “Affordable Medicines” both electronically and on paper.

If the doctor has access to the electronic health system, he will create an electronic prescription and send his confirmation number and code to the patient’s phone. If there is no access to the electronic health system, the doctor will write a prescription on paper, putting his signature and stamp.

If the patient has a definite treatment plan and a prescribed medication, the doctor may prescribe the medication over the phone

Pharmacies that distribute “Available Medicines” under an agreement with the National Health Insurance Fund accept both paper and electronic prescriptions and issue prescribed medications, if available.

The National Health Service of Ukraine reimburses pharmacies the cost of medicines both electronically and on paper. The patient receives the medication for free or with a small surcharge, depending on the medication he chooses from those available at the pharmacy to be reimbursed.

The patient can receive medication in any region of the country, regardless of where the prescription was issued.

How to find a pharmacy

Due to the situation in the country, not all pharmacies can dispense “Available Medicines”. We recommend that you search for a pharmacy with “Available Medications” with the help of the “Electronic Card of Pharmacies Participating in the Drug Reimbursement Program”. On the second page of the filter panel on the left in the “Released” column, check the word “Yes.” This will filter out pharmacies that dispense “Available Medicines.”

Notice the date the recipe was last released. It is located in the last column of the table, which is at the bottom of the map. Choose pharmacies that have published “Affordable Medicines” in the last seven days.

Thus, according to the board, 589 pharmacies are currently launching “Affordable Medicines”. These are 3,124 drug dispensaries nationwide.

Employees at the NSZU Contact Center at 16-77 will also help find a pharmacy with affordable medications.

We recommend that you call the pharmacy in advance to clarify the availability of the desired medication. You can also ask the pharmacy staff to reserve the necessary medication for you.

It will be recalled that a new batch of levothyroxine, a drug used for thyroid therapy, has begun to arrive in Ukrainian pharmacies, according to the Ministry of Health.

As a result, more than 213,000 packets of L-thyroxine from Berlin-Chemie arrived in Ukraine.

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