Immigrants in Lutsk can get a prescription for “affordable medicines”

The on-call family doctor now has the opportunity to prescribe electronic prescriptions for “Available Medicines.” Previously, this prescription could only be issued by a physician with whom a statement was made. This innovation is aimed primarily at internally displaced Ukrainians, so that people with chronic illnesses have the opportunity to receive free medicines anywhere.

At the same time, doctors in Lutsk say that the war had a significant impact on the health of many, according to the story of TRK “Avers”.

Family doctors say that currently the largest number of patients are people with chronic illnesses. They add: the horrors of the war and the conditions in which people hid from the bombing, do not go unnoticed for health.

“I was approached by patients with gastrointestinal disorders. Their diet is altered because they eat what they have. As a result, for example, gastritis can get worse. Because of hypothermia, because people are forced to hide in the cold basements, there are patients with SARS, cystitis, pyelonephritis “, – says the family doctor of KP” Medical Association of the Territorial Community of Lutsk city ” Julia Datsiv.

Doctors on duty provide medical care to internally displaced Ukrainians on a daily basis. It does not matter where and with whom the patient signed the statement. Just come and queue up with the doctor. But if there is no statement even at the place of residence, difficulties may arise.

Without a statement, the family doctor will not be able to prescribe the necessary medications to the patient, refer him to a specialist or do free tests. Immigrants can make statements with Lutsk family doctors. These patients have already increased. In addition, more doctors were given more opportunities. They now have the ability to prescribe electronic prescriptions in accordance with the Affordable Care Act.

“It simply came to our notice then. “A family doctor replacing another family doctor could consult, refer to reduced specialists, even write medical certificates of temporary disability, but there was no technical possibility to write electronic prescriptions of ‘Medications Available’,” said Medical Director of the Consultative and Diagnostic Center of the Association of Physicians of the Territorial Community of the city of Lutsk Natalia Yashchuk.

He adds: This is the best opportunity for internally displaced Ukrainians with chronic illnesses.

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