In Vinnytsia, volunteers invented a recipe for “easy dyeing” of fabrics for camouflage nets: 17: 06: 2022

Mr. Andreu is over sixty years old. He could have gone abroad to visit his relatives, but he decided to stay here and help, if not in front, then in the back.

  • In Vinnytsia, camouflage fabric is dyed with “construction” pigments.
  • The recipe for the painting was invented by a settler, an architect by profession Andriy Bochkarev.
  • The man asks for help, stressing that each network is a rescue from the military.

If at the beginning of the war there were almost no problems with the materials for camouflage nets, today the shortage of fabrics is quite noticeable. The number of people who want to knit camouflage has also decreased significantly. Experts point out that there is a sign of psychological fatigue. People try to think less about war, “hiding” it behind everyday work.

Paradoxically, for Andriy Bochkarev of Kherson, volunteering has become a business that allows him to abstract from difficult memories: he saw the war from the balcony of his apartment.

The man was evacuated to Vinnytsia in late March and as soon as he resolved his “resettlement” problems, he “said goodbye” to the car in which he left Kherson. He introduced him to the military. But that did not seem enough, the man could not sit idle. He found volunteers and began knitting camouflage.

Mr. Andreu is over sixty years old. He can leave Ukraine, mainly because he has relatives abroad. But the settler decided to be here and help, if not in front, then in the back.

The migrant remembers when the volunteers began to feel the scarcity.

– As soon as everything turned green, we began to weave nets of “spring” and there was not enough fabric, – says the man.

To stay afloat, activists began to think about how and where to paint the white sheets, many of which were in the center, green.

At first they tried to paint with the “classic” method with fabric dyes. But it turned out to be too expensive. The material had to be boiled in a paint solution, then rinsed and vinegar added to fix it. All components are expensive, but so is the cost of gas and water. So it was more profitable to buy fabric, there would be money.

We decided to ask “Google” and found lots of recipes to paint in a green solution. But this method was immediately rejected. For now, it is better to use drugs for the intended purpose.

And then Mr. Andrew came up with the idea that you can take the pigment that is used to paint the walls. And to attach the paint to the fabric, add a binder – PVA glue. According to his first training, he is an architect, perhaps this is what inspired him to make such a “constructive” decision.

The man points out that at first we had to play a bit with the proportions: the material should not be too heavy and the color stable. And in the end the optimal solution was found. As for the other components, they look free: the hands of the volunteers and the rays of the sun.

– The process is extremely simple: soak the fabric in the solution, rinse a little, press and hang it on the “goat”, – explains Andrew Bochkraev.

And so all day long: dive in, then squeeze in, hang out carefully. Try it and you will understand how difficult this job is. But the man does not complain about his age or fatigue, he only regrets the need to work faster.

– Time is the only non-renewable resource. Every day our boys die on the “front”, even due to lack of nets, – says the man.

Well, don’t waste your time, join the help. The center is located at: Vinnytsia, Kotsyubynskoho, 53. You can help weave nets, and you can bring material: white or colored fabric, except red and blue.

You need 10 bottles of pigment and 1.5 kg of PVA glue to paint. In addition, to “dilute” the camouflage pattern, volunteers buy “persimmons” and “pixels.” The cost of a roll of cloth, which lasts 10 days, is 5,000 hryvnias. So you can calculate how much a volunteer day costs.

You can transfer funds to the NGO card “WinnSolard”

  • Recipient code: 44880671
  • Recipient account in IBAN format: UA043026890000026006055380567

Or in person at Andriy Bochkarev’s card: 4149 6293 1582 9929

Author: Marina KARABAY

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