Kyiv volunteers devised a new recipe for baked bread for our defenders

Now there is Chornobayevsky bread: Kyiv volunteers cook it for our defenders.

The conditions of the war started by Russia give rise to new recipes and names. Now “Moscow” sausage is becoming known as “Kyivska”, “Russian” cheese is becoming “anti-Russian” and sausages have become “Bayraktarchyky” and “Dzhevelinchyky”. A small team of volunteers from Kyiv gathered to make bread for the Territorial Defense and two hospitals in Kyiv. They bake about 200 loaves and many bagels a day. So, in a few weeks of work, the day the losses of the Russian occupiers in the village of Chornobayevka, which became a meme in the Kherson region, the team had the idea to create bread “Chornobayevsky”! What is its characteristic explained for “Breakfast. Online”.

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The idea to create the bread “Chornobayevsky” belongs to the baker Andriy Pivovar, who gathered around him a team of people who help him bake: before these people had nothing to do with the kitchen.

The symbolism of this bread is that plums are burnt orcs, white linen are sparks from Ukrainian artillery and nutmeg is, of course, gunpowder. Chornobayevsky bread itself is quite interesting, rye, beautiful and delicious!

Bread “Chornobayevsky” is prepared for almost a day: 16 hours of mother dough, four hours of making. Then the future breads are carefully formed and before going to the oven the baker makes one last interesting touch: at the top they form as many cuts as the Russian occupiers tried to take control of Chornobayivka. Ukrainian troops on March 28 already 12 times defeated the Russian invaders. Maybe tomorrow there will be even more slices in the bread?

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The baker also draws our attention to how this bread is revealed: “like open voids in our land.”

The reaction to the bread of our defenders, according to the volunteers, was incredible:

We were told, “All right, let’s go!” A guest, a Frenchman from the Legion, came to our territorial defense. He tasted our bread “Chornobayevsky” and said he had visited the best bread bakery in France.
The army cannot do without the rearguard, and the rearguard cannot do without the army. That is why we must always be together. We are one, that is when we are a force! Together to victory!

It will be recalled that the famous British chef Jamie Oliver published a recipe for Ukrainian donuts in support of Ukraine.

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