Lobster recipe for 40 saints

Every year, on March 22, the Orthodox commemorate 40 martyrs Sebastian (40 saints) who accepted martyrdom for their faith in Christ. People call these festivals Ursas (Alosas), because during this period 40 different species of birds return from the south, bringing spring to their wings, including larks. On this day it is customary to go to church for service, to pray for their loved ones, as well as to make loaf-shaped loaves: they symbolize the souls of martyrs who fly to God. theLime shares with you a simple recipe for this yeast-free pastry.

Ingredients: flour (1 cup), boiling water (0.3 cups), vegetable oil (3 tbsp L.), honey (2 tbsp L.), salt (pinch), baking powder (0.5 sachets), raisins).

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Take a deep dish and pour boiling water over it, dissolve the honey, salt and vegetable oil. Mix everything well.

Sift the flour through a sieve with yeast. Slowly add them to the liquid ingredients without waiting for the water to cool. Knead the dough for about 10-15 minutes: the consistency should look like plasticine.

Pour boiling water over the raisins for 10-15 minutes, then drain the water and spread the raisins on paper towels to absorb excess moisture. Cut them into several pieces: these will be the eyes of the larks.

There are several ways to make lollipops with dough:

    1. From the dough, make a one-inch-thick sausage and cut it into equal pieces. Do not make them too small, otherwise it will be difficult to fold the knots. From this amount of dough come 6 bundles. We tie each flagellum with a knot, at one end we form a head with a beak, and at the other – a wide, flat tail. Make a few cuts in the tail with a knife to get feathers. Where the eyes should be, insert pieces of raisins.

    2. Make a short, thick sausage with the dough, sculpting the head to one side. Pull the other side wide, cut in half and lengthwise: it will be the wing and the tail. At its tips we make a fringe: they are bird feathers. The bottom of the feathers bends perpendicularly upwards: this is the wing. Let’s not forget the raisin eyes.

    3. From the dough form a small sausage, which should be folded into a loop. Flatten the ends and cut: these will be the wings. At the thickest point of the curve, sculpt the head with the beak, insert the eyes of the raisins.

    4. Make 2 sausages from the dough, cross them. Flatten the two ends of the top sausage and one end of the bottom with your hands. These are the wings and the tail. Slightly lift the other end of the bottom sausage and sculpt the head and beak. The wings and tail cut with a knife, forming feathers, decorate the eyes with raisins.

The larks can be sprinkled with sugar or spread with tea prepared to brown them. Spread the dough birds on a baking tray lined with baking paper.

Preheat oven to 180 ° C. Put a frying pan with larks and bake for about 15-25 minutes – during this time the buns should brown.

We take out and serve appetizing buns at the table: these cakes will increase the mood of both children and adults.

Photo: pinterest.com

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