Molotov cocktail: recipe and how to throw

In recent days, in Ukraine has become popular a cocktail for Russian occupiers – “Flag Strip”. We have collected the basic tips for its preparation, as well as a classic recipe with “pepper” branded by the famous Ukrainian chef Yevhen Klopotenko.

– A good way to meet dear guests from Russia who came to save the Ukrainians. An old method of saying “welcome” to nice people if they get lost and run into civilians– he commented.

Ingredients for the classic version:

  • Glass bottle
  • Gasoline
  • Ink (engine oil)
  • A piece of cotton cloth
  • You may need thread, tampon, tape.

How to choose the ingredients?

A glass bottle with a volume of 0.5-0.7 liters will serve. There’s a subtlety here: the glass has to be broken on impact for the cocktail to work properly. Therefore, it is better to choose bottles of vodka “Soviet type” (round), or beer or wine.

A piece of cloth should be thick and cotton – synthetic synthetic, and for a cocktail should be lit. A piece measuring 20 to 35 cm will be suitable.

You can add acetone and foam to your liking to prolong the hot effect; keep in mind that you have products available. In addition, the foam will “stick” the mixture when it hits the target.

How to cook?

In the classic version, you have to fill the bottle with a third or half (maximum) of gasoline. This is to allow the bottle to evaporate. Pour plenty of cotton cloth into the bottle so that half of it is left out and part of it is dipped into the base of the cocktail. It will be a wick, a kind of “tube”, which is usually served in those cocktails that are lit before serving.

After the rest of the opening of the bottle should be closed with something so that the gasoline does not spill and evaporate. A sanitary napkin or other cloth will be suitable for this. The outside of the fabric can be tied to the bottle with thread or fastened with a sketch. So she will not burn those they treat when they are served.

To make the cocktail burn longer and “don’t let go” for a long time, you can add foam to it. To do this, pour 100 ml of acetone into a separate bowl and pour the foam into it. Wait until it dissolves well, mix until smooth. Klopotenko advises to bring to the consistency of a thick syrup. The ratio of dissolved foam and gasoline should be 1: 1.

If you prefer oil, it should be added to the bottle in a ratio of one part to two parts gasoline.

When cooking, make sure there are no open fires nearby (cigarettes are also dangerous) and it is best to do this outdoors.

How to apply?

Russian occupants will enjoy the fresh cocktail: it is best to keep it for no more than 24 hours. With each passing hour, its quality deteriorates.

Before serving, heat the part of the cloth that is outside the bottle. Make sure the lot has been lit enough not to come out during the launch, but the fire has not had time to reach the throat. They set him on fire and threw him quickly.

Yevhen Klopotenko, in turn, advises throwing the solid: the enemy’s team, the enemy’s head, the asphalt at the feet of the enemy. If you want to throw away the tank, it all depends on your position: if the tank is behind you, try to get into the vents: they are behind the tank tower. If you prefer to “serve” a cocktail in front, point to the optical instruments and a display slot.

You need to throw a cocktail when the tank is a few feet away to hit the target. To blind the tank, hit the Molotov cocktail with its optical instruments and inspection slot. To damage the engine, it is necessary to enter the ventilation grilles behind the tank tower. To do this, toss a cocktail next to or behind the tank.

– Addition of my author: if you want, add 2 grams of Ukrainian oregano– wrote a culinary expert.



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