more than 200 migrants have already been received at the Trostyanka village prayer house

More than 200 migrants have already been received at the Trostyanka village prayer house

Let’s start the conversation with Nadezhda Sidorchuk of the village Cana Kopachiv community after organizing a family with six children in the city at the house of prayer a few minutes ago Bilopillya in the Sumy region. People escaped the war and found temporary refuge in Volhynia. Then they plan to go abroad.

The first settlers were received at Trostyanets on 3 March. They were people from the Kharkiv region, including 10 children. Yuri i Nadiya Sidorchuk in a few days they managed to prepare a local house of prayer to help those in need. Per Rozhishte area he explained how they equipped the heating, the bathroom, 25 beds and bought utensils for the kitchen.

Yuriy and Nadiya Sydorchuk

By the way, a house of prayer was built in Trostyanets last year. It is said that with God’s help they were able to build it in just four months.

Currently, everyone in the village is volunteering. People responded quickly to the call for help and demolished food, bedding, and other items that could be donated. Nadiya says that even after a month of active help in the house of prayer, they do not feel the need for anything, because people respond very quickly and close all needs. The religious community of Christians of evangelical faith also offers constant and meaningful assistance. Rozhishche.

During the large-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, more than 200 people have found refuge in the village of Trostyanka. Most of them do not stay long, but they are very grateful for the humanity and the basic services they value: delicious and nutritious food, hot water, the opportunity to wash and sleep. Nadiya says there were migrants from Trostyanets Buchi, Гостомеля, Irpen, Chuguyeva and many other cities. They all share stories of fear of hostilities in their streets.

“It’s scary to imagine what these people went through. They tell us things that make our skin cold. It’s extremely important that we feel useful and needed right now, to help those who need it with God’s help,” he says. Nadiya Sydorchuk.

He says most of the internally displaced persons received at the house of prayer are women and children. There were also people of respectable age, sick men. Many of them rescued their pets: two cats and two dogs visited Trostyanets, and a turtle recently arrived.

“A grandfather said that before the war he loved to watch militants. And in his old age he had to see his relatives buried right next to their houses. You won’t see that in the movies,” says Nadiya. .

The house of prayer has everything you need to help people. Here they collected a first aid kit with the most popular medicines and hygiene products; there is a constant supply of coffee, tea and biscuits; you can bring clothes and shoes. And here they are happy to hear you and invite you to pray together. By the way, the services at the temple did not stop. They now take place here every Sunday.

Three women, Nadiya and two other volunteers, are constantly working for the internally displaced in the house of prayer. Elena i Pavlina Zebedyuk. They clean, clean and change the bed, prepare hot food three times a day. They cook broths, soups, purees, ribs and ribs, porridge and pasta, sausages, make sandwiches. After each person the bed is removed to be washed. This is done at home by carers from neighboring villages.

Men drive migrants to the border in their own cars.

Elena and Pavlina Zebedyuk

Elena and Pavlina Zebedyuk

Nadezhda says people are very grateful for her kindness. They save the room and then send a photo of how they settled abroad, thank you so much for the shelter and the hot food.

“Our broths and soups are highly praised. The girls ordered a recipe for cheese soup with mushrooms. They already liked it a lot “, shares Nadezhda.

The woman says that during active volunteering she can rely on older children who take care of the home and younger siblings during the mother’s absence. And sometimes they come together to help the house of prayer. Yuriy and Nadiya Sydorchuk are raising nine children. The eldest daughter is 18, the youngest son three.

Nadiya rejects the offer to announce the account number for financial aid. He says that with God’s support, nothing ends in the house of prayer.

“If you need something, we write on social media and people carry it. We thank God for giving us strength and health for good deeds, ”Nadiya admits sincerely.

He adds that in the territory of the house of prayer they really want to establish some entertainment for the children so that they can relax in the fresh air. So we would be grateful if volunteers could help with a sandbox with a house, a swing, a slide or a trampoline. You can contact the Sidorchuk family by phone 096 64 58 020.

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