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Due to large-scale hostilities in Ukraine, the health care system was forced to adapt to new realities.

During the war, the rules of primary health care were changed so that all Ukrainians could go to the doctor, regardless of location and statement.

As before, the point of entry into most medical services is a family doctor, according to the National Health Service of Ukraine.

Regardless of whether you have moved to another location, we advise you to keep in touch with your family doctor if possible.

If possible, find out with your doctor the most convenient way to communicate: phone, messaging, or mail. Remember that even remotely, your doctor can help you with many health issues, such as prescribing an “prescription drug” or insulin prescription, creating an electronic referral, and counseling. If it is not technically possible to write electronic references and prescriptions, they can be obtained on paper.

During martial law, a family doctor will be able to prescribe a paper prescription for “Affordable Medications” for cardiovascular disease, bronchial asthma, and diabetes to a patient even without a statement.

Access to medical care for displaced persons. Some medical services cannot be obtained remotely. For example, get a routine vaccination or determine the cause of a sudden deterioration when it is too early to seek emergency care, but you need to be diagnosed and get a treatment plan. In this case, you should contact the nearest medical institution that offers primary care. The contact center of the Caixa Nacional d’Assegurança Sanitària may provide the telephone number and address of the nearest primary care center. Call 16-77 on weekdays from 9:00 to 18:00. For security reasons, NSZU website control panels are currently disabled.

You do not need to make a new statement. During hostilities, primary care physicians must maintain records of displaced patients in a specially defined manner. The form indicates the patient’s last name, first name and patronymic, date of birth, medication taken by the patient with an indication of the dose, as well as information from the family doctor with whom the declaration is made.

The following services can be obtained from a primary care physician:

  • Dynamic health monitoring, diagnosis and treatment of diseases, advice on a healthy lifestyle;
  • Basic tests and analyzes (general blood test with leukocyte formula, general urine test, blood glucose level, general cholesterol test, pregnancy tests, HIV, viral hepatitis, COVID-19, troponin);
  • Referral to physicians of narrow specialization or for examination;
  • Palliative care;
  • Prescriptions for “Available Medications,” as well as insulin, if repeated;
  • Vaccination according to the vaccination schedule.

It is important to get vaccinated against tetanus during hostilities. After all, the disease can develop due to skin lesions and injuries, the risk of which is high in martial law. For adults, the interval between revaccines is 10 years. So check the date of the last vaccination on yourself and your family and take care of the vaccination in a timely manner. It’s free.

We remind you that Ukrainian pharmacies are obliged to accept both electronic and paper prescriptionsin particular – for the drugs of the program “Affordable Medicines” and insulin.

Important information for those receiving medication under the “Affordable Medicines” program, the Ministry of Health said.

To facilitate patients’ access to vital medicines, a number of changes have been made to the implementation of the program. The changes can be found above in the infographic.

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