English Christmas cake: a recipe at home

This cake is prepared in a very similar way in different countries. Recipes vary in detail. The most important thing is not to hesitate, because in England and Germany this cake (as they say) is aged for several weeks before serving. In any case, this dish is not cheap, but the holidays are approaching! Ingredients: … Read more

Vasilopita Cake – recipe by Eugene Klopotenko – Recipes – tsn.ua

Vasilopita is a delicious cake that is traditionally made in Greece for the New Year. To be more precise: there is literally this New Year’s cake on every table. The fact is that on January 1, in addition to the New Year, the Greeks celebrate another religious holiday: St. Basil’s Day. And yes, another interesting … Read more

Pharmacy practice today and tomorrow: Electronic prescription: State Medical Service

Posted on 1/17/2022 at 11:55 AM In 2022, electronic prescriptions will be issued not only for medicines under the “Affordable Medicines” program, but by the end of the year the launch of the entire group of prescription drugs should be completely changed in electronic prescriptions. . Exceptions will be medicines made from (extemporaneous) pharmacies and … Read more