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Posted on 1/17/2022 at 11:55 AM

In 2022, electronic prescriptions will be issued not only for medicines under the “Affordable Medicines” program, but by the end of the year the launch of the entire group of prescription drugs should be completely changed in electronic prescriptions. . Exceptions will be medicines made from (extemporaneous) pharmacies and unregistered medicines imported into Ukraine by citizens for individual use.

The introduction of electronic prescriptions will be gradual. The practical aspects of this process were explained by Iryna Lishtaba, Project Director of the Electronic Prescription Project, Electronic Health State Enterprise. The implementation of the revised functionality will be carried out in 4 stages:

issuance and exchange of electronic prescriptions of antibacterial drugs by the patient – from April 2022;

expanding the rules of access for doctors to the prescriptions and administrative functions of pharmacies;

issuance and rescue of electronic prescriptions of drugs from the group of toxic, narcotic and psychotropic substances by patients – from July 2022;

issuance and exchange of electronic prescriptions for all medicines from all sources of funding – from October 2022

The functionality of prescription drugs remains the same as that of the reimbursement program, but is complemented by new features. Pharmacies do not have to sign an agreement with the National Health Insurance Fund to exchange electronic prescriptions outside the Affordable Care Act.

A doctor may prescribe an electronic prescription for any drug that is on the State Drug Registry. An electronic prescription can be prescribed a drug, including a combination (that is, one that contains several common international names). It is allowed to prescribe more than one pack of medications in a prescription. Partial repayment of prescriptions will only be available for off-budget prescriptions.

4 groups of funding programs: reimbursement programs, local budgets, patient equity, and others (any other “on-demand” program). At the program level, separate rules will be defined: the validity of the prescription, the partial reimbursement permit, etc.

How to prepare pharmacies? First, you must choose a medical information system (MIS) with an electronic prescription exchange function or ask your medical information system (MIS) to develop the appropriate functionality, register / re-register employees in the system. Electronic Health (EHP). , obtain a qualified electronic signature (CEP) and receive training to work with functionalities. It is currently planned to develop a method of reimbursing electronic prescriptions for certain programs without CEP. If this is allowed at the regulatory level, this feature will be activated, the speaker said. There should also be a feature such as the ability to cancel an electronic prescription at a pharmacy as part of pharmaceutical care.

With the implementation of the third stage for drug sales pharmacies, it will be possible to register a drug circulation license. After passing the verification at the EPO, they will be able to issue electronic prescriptions for medicines. All restrictions on the issuance and exchange of electronic prescriptions of medicines prescribed by law will be “sewn” into the system. When and how to register this license will also be announced through the MIS.

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