Putin planned to exterminate Ukraine with Hitler’s recipe

Evil sweeps the tracks

In them, Russians and their mercenaries from the Russian-occupied Donetsk and Luhansk regions, as well as Mariupol collaborators led by the so-called self-proclaimed mayor Konstantin Ivashchenko, burn Mariupol’s bodies victims of Russian repression and witnesses who witnessed the Russian. occupants and could explain it to the whole world.

The important Goebbels was the first to speak of the “gesture of goodwill” during the withdrawal of troops

These people are being led to leaks, trying to find out who witnessed the horrific crimes of the Russian army and special services, and then they can be destroyed.

The Russian leadership is so frightened by what the world has seen in Bucha that it is now trying to do everything possible to hide the consequences of the crimes of its army in Mariupol in case the Russians have to leave this Ukrainian city. And it is absolutely obvious that wherever the Russian army comes out, the terrible consequences of the genocide perpetrated by Russian soldiers on Ukrainian soil will be revealed.

And this is not an excess of interpreters, as one might think: it is a direct execution of the orders of Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Russian military command.

Putin used Hitler’s recipe

The essence of these orders was confirmed yesterday (April 5 – Channel 24) by the President of the Russian Security Council, the former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, a war criminal who was also a participant and organizer of the war. Russia v. Georgia.

So it’s pretty obvious why the Russians are doing this. Putin, Medvedev and those Russian citizens who support their bloody dictators need Ukrainian territory to be cleansed of Ukrainian citizens. This is Adolf Hitler’s recipe multiplied by the number of people living in Ukraine.

In the Kyiv region all these crimes became apparent, because at first the Russian army was not going to leave the territory of the Kyiv region, but was going to unite the region with the Russian Federation after the occupation of Kyiv. And so people were killed to clean up the territory, the houses, the cities themselves for the new owners, who would be relocated from the occupying state. Probably for the families of the military themselves, who would be rewarded in this way for murder and atrocities.

And this is a reminder that Moscow was already doing so on Ukrainian soil in the 1930s, de facto depopulating entire regions as well and then settling them in with new inhabitants. And now Russia is killing the descendants of these new inhabitants. This is also the case in eastern Ukraine. We must be aware of all the cynicism of the Russian genocide. And it seems that the world is beginning to understand it. I wish at least I did.

We advise the dreams of the powerless: Russian propaganda has already surpassed Hitler

Kremlin terror ideologues flee the court to the grave

Today has been a day of major new sanctions against Russia. These sanctions were reported primarily by the United States and Britain. The new sanctions of the civilized world will cover the financial system of the Russian Federation, personal sanctions have been imposed on many Russian war criminals who are undoubtedly directly involved in the atrocities currently taking place on Ukrainian soil that were the ideologues of these atrocities.

It should be noted that on the same day that we saw the actual transformation of Mariupol into Auschwitz, such a large city, one of the leading ideologues and inspirers of Russian chauvinism and Nazism, the vile Vladimir Zhirinovsky, died.

However, we do not know when he ended the life of one of the most hated Russian politicians, who in fact throughout his life was not a politician, but an agent of the Russian secret services, who diligently fulfilled all your orders. Well and still the orders of the Russian crime to which he served faithfully.

It was decided to announce that Zhirinovsky is no longer the same day the world was shaken by the Bucha tragedy, when we will know what horrors are happening in Mariupol (I’m sure other Ukrainian territories will have the same information) – this is also a indicative moment. And he says how important it is to increasingly punish Zhirinovsky to the Russian political elite, to Russian society, to so-called Russian journalism, which is in fact ruthless gangster propaganda.

After all, Zhirinovsky died without waiting for punishment, the trial. He will be buried not in the cemetery of some prison, where he belongs, but in some cemetery in Novodevich, among the graves of both worthy people, of whom there are not so many, and as he were wolves, who served all its meaningless. , insignificant lives evil.

It is worth noting that Zhirinovsky began the carriage race

But what about those against whom sanctions have been imposed by the United States, Britain, the EU, and other countries in the civilized world? Will we wait for his just punishment? Will we see Putin, Medvedev, Shuigu, Lavrov, Zyuganov, Mironov, Gerasimov, Solovyov, Kiselyov and other executioners in Mariupol, Bukha, Borodyanka and other Ukrainian cities, where Russia continues to commit its heinous crimes?

And the world understands that only the complete dismantling of the Russian criminal state and only the social, economic and political collapse of Russia and its denuclearization will free humanity from the fear of destruction.

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