Putin wants to beat Stalin: an interview with an expert on the recipe for the Russian victory of the Führer

Will Putin announce a general mobilization and what result will it achieve, what do the Russians want to do with the occupied areas of southern Ukraine and how strongly the Kremlin entourage supports the continuation of the war?

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The mobilization in Russia and Putin’s “victories”

Sergei, will Putin really announce a general mobilization?

Peskov has already refuted this story of mobilization. Most likely not because of the extremely low morale of the Russians and their desire to go to war against Ukraine.

It is one thing to mobilize some of the conditional contractors invited from the periphery of the Russian Federation, and quite another to announce the full mobilization across the country.

Then we will see that everyone will be sent here without exception. Including from mobilized from major Russian cities such as St. Petersburg and Moscow. And in a moment the funeral will go in the opposite direction. Under these circumstances, it will no longer be so easy to overcome the rain of criticism and the discontent of the mothers of Russian recruits. Therefore, this option is excluded.

Currently, only members of national minorities living in Russia are fighting in Ukraine. Thus, in the national republics, the question arises, why do not the ethnic Russians fight, but the citizens of these republics?

Sergei Bykov is confident that Putin will not dare to announce the mobilization / Photo of the speaker’s file

What “victory” can Putin declare?

It is clear that one cannot speak of real victories. Today, the “capture” of Mariupol may be a victory for the Russians. In turn, this allowed them to automatically gain another “victory” and open a land corridor to the Crimea.

In addition, if we look at the latest rocket attacks by the aggressor, we will see that they are mainly aimed at the infrastructure, the railway junctions and the Ukrainian electrical substations located there. Recently, Russian troops launched a massive strike at the railway’s electrical substations to prevent electric trains from reaching us with the help of Western partners.

It is also important that these transport centers be used to export grain from Ukraine. The President of Russia not only wants to starve our entire country, but also a large part of the world. With this, the Russian leader wants to overcome Stalin. These are the components of Putin’s victory recipe.

Putin wants to “sell the Russians a fictitious victory” in the Donbass / Photo Getty Images

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“Referendums” in Ukraine and the plans of the Kremlin

What does the Kremlin intend to do with our south if it does not hold a “referendum”?

One way or another, the Russian Führer is trying to cover up his own criminal actions with the hope of legal rules. Moscow has not yet crossed that line, simply coming and taking the occupied territories without any attempt to legalize it.

They need it so as not to look a complete arrogance into the eyes of the world community.

And what awaits Donbas in the coming days? Can the Russians announce their takeover?

He was convinced that the President of Russia did not recognize the pseudo-republic in the Donbass. He even had a fight with a deputy in the studio of one of our big TV channels. This happened on the same day that Putin had to sign the recognition decree.

Putin may announce the accession of quasi-republics to the Russia / Collage site 24 channel

However, this time this approach did not help me, because the Kremlin leader went against all the laws of logic. So we can really expect a decision on Lugana’s accession to Russia.

But again, will that help Putin in any way? No, absolutely nothing. On the contrary, it will only further upset the Ukrainians. This, first and foremost, will increase the pace of imposing new sanctions on Russia. The seventh package of sanctions is already completely paralyzing the Russian economy.

This development is set out in the sanctions roadmap developed by the Ermak-McFaul group. That is, if God forbid, President Putin decides to join the quasi-republics, he will increase the rate of arms supply to Ukraine and increase the pressure of sanctions on the aggressor country.

The attitude of the Russian elite towards the war against Ukraine

How does Putin’s entourage view the continuation of the war?

The most militant wing continues to dominate. And we will see this state of affairs even after Putin’s hypothetical departure in one way or another. After all, this aggressive vertical is not limited to the figure of the Russian president.

It was built thanks to the collective effort of the so-called Ozero cooperative. So don’t think that anything will change for the better. Changing the protagonist will not bring us better changes. To prove it, we can remember at least Navalny’s phrase “Crimea is not a sandwich.”

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