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If you are already thinking about New Year’s cooking, pay attention to the famous German galleries.

Unlike the English Christmas cake, the gallery is usually baked from butter yeast dough, but it is also fragrant and contains many nuts and nuts soaked in rum and candied fruit. The gallery has an oblong shape and is richly sprinkled with powdered sugar, symbolizing the baby Jesus wrapped in a diaper for Christmas.

Following our recommendations, you can easily cope with the traditional recipe, the main difficulty of which is to stoically endure and not eat nuts with candied fruit, first soaked in syrup, and then the ripening gallery itself. If you manage to overcome all temptations, you will be rewarded with a truly royal gift. And by the way, well packaged, you can give gifts to your friends.


  • for the dough:
    • 550-600 flour
    • 250 g butter
    • 180 ml of milk
    • 80 g of sugar
    • 50 g of almonds
    • 3 egg yolks
    • 50 g of compressed yeast
    • 2 teaspoons ground cinnamon
    • 0.5 teaspoons ground ginger
    • a pinch of ground nutmeg
    • some ground key
    • a pinch of ground cardamom
    • pinch of salt
  • For the filling:
    • 400 g of candied fruit and nuts
    • 200 g of nuts
    • 100 ml of rum
    • 1 orange
  • by impregnation and spraying:
    • 50 g butter
    • 50 g of powdered sugar


Cut a thin layer of orange peel, then squeeze the juice.

Washed nuts and candied fruit cut into small pieces, add chopped orange peel, put everything in a jar or bowl, pour rum and orange juice, cover well and let stand for a day, stirring occasionally. so much.

Open the yeast, add 1 tablespoon of sugar, pour warm milk and mix until smooth. Then pour 150 g of sifted flour, mix, cover with a napkin and leave for 30 minutes in a warm place.

Add the sugar, crushed almonds to the blender, add the egg yolks, salt, season with cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, cloves and cardamom and mix well.

Add half of the remaining flour to the resulting dough and start kneading the dough. Pour the rest of the sifted flour over the work surface, place the dough on it and continue kneading, gradually adding the softened butter in portions.

Cover the kneaded dough with a napkin and leave it for 1.5 hours in a warm place, after 45 minutes of kneading.

Spread the dough on the work surface, place the prepared nuts with candied fruit and nuts and mix them slowly. If the dough becomes very sticky at the same time, you can add a little flour.

Divide the finished dough into 3 parts and form a gallery. The classic way to form a gallery: Roll out the dough into an oblong oval cake and fold it in half lengthwise, but so that the top doesn’t completely cover the bottom.

Let the formed galleries rise and bake at 1:00 approximately 180 ° C.

Grease the hot galleries with melted butter on all sides, and when they have cooled, sprinkle them with the same generosity with powdered sugar, then wrap them in parchment paper, then wrap them well in foil and set aside for 2- 3 weeks in a cool place.

In a side note

Include dark and light raisins, dried figs, dried apricots, dried cherries and blueberries in the set of nuts for the gallery and be sure to add candied citrus.

The choice of nuts for the gallery is also great and depends on your taste. Use almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts or pine nuts, cashews.

Rum for soaking nuts and candied fruit is desirable for dark drinking, but can be replaced with brandy, brandy or whiskey.

Sometimes, forming a gallery, marzipan is placed inside the cake.

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