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While one of our favorite cakes is named after the French emperor, in the West they prefer a dessert named after a Russian dancer.

Pavlova cake is a dessert with history. New Zealand and Australia continue to fight for the right to be considered their homeland. New Zealanders claim that the recipe was invented in 1926 by the chef of one of Wellington’s hotels, where Anna Pavlova stayed during the tour. She was so inspired by her performances that she decided to treat the famous dancer and created a cake as white, tender and light as her concert package. This version, by the way, is followed by the biographer of the dancer Keith Money.

Australians insist that the famous dessert first appeared in 1935 and gained popularity from the light hand of his compatriot, Perth Hotel Esplanade pastry chef Bert Sasha, who, tasting the cake, exclaimed: “It’s as airy as dancer Pavlova! “


Let’s be honest, there were already similar recipes. University of Otago professor Helen Leach, researching its origins, compiled a library of culinary publications containing 667 such recipes, and on this basis wrote a study entitled “Pavlov’s Dessert History: part of New Zealand’s culinary history. “

Pavlova, or, as they say in the West, Pavlova, is prepared in the form of both cakes and individual cakes. It doesn’t happen without a Guinness Book-worthy record. In 1999, the Tongaryov Tea-Papa National Museum in New Zealand celebrated its first anniversary and a 45-meter-long Pavlov cake was baked to commemorate the anniversary. Pausilla “(by analogy with Godzilla).

But in 2005 that record was broken. Students at Hawke’s Bay Oriental Institute of Technology have prepared a truly giant “Pavkong” (by analogy with King Kong). It was already 64 m long, and 5,000 egg whites, 150 kg of sugar and 150 liters of cream were used to make it.

We will not chase records, we will simply offer to make the famous dessert. One piece will be a worthy addition to a cup of coffee, and this delicious cake – a decoration of any table.


  • for the meringue:
    • 4 proteins
    • 200 g of sugar
    • 2 teaspoons cornstarch
    • 1 teaspoon white wine vinegar
    • 1 sachet of vanilla sugar
  • for burning:
    • 300 ml of cream 35% fat
    • 100 g powdered sugar
  • for decoration:
    • 250 g of strawberries
    • 3 kiwis


Beat the egg whites until a stable foam is obtained, and then, without stopping to beat, slowly add the sugar and vanilla sugar and beat until completely dissolved and the formation of dense peaks.

To the increased volume and white and bright mixture, which turned white as snow, add sifted cornstarch and white wine vinegar and mix gently.

Spread the prepared dough in a circle on a baking tray lined with baking paper, trying to make the preforms come out in the shape of a bowl and their edges are higher than the middle.

Bake in the oven at 90-100 ° C for about 1.5 hours. The result is a fragile meringue with a crispy crust and a soft soufflé that melts inside. The finished meringue should be easily left behind the paper, but to prevent it from cracking due to temperature changes, it should be left to cool in an open oven.

Whisk in the cooled cream with a powdered sugar blender until fluffy until soft peaks appear.

Cover the cooled meringue with whipped cream and decorate the cake with strawberries and slices of peeled kiwi.

In a side note

The meringue for cake or cakes can be baked in advance, but decorate with cream and the fruit should be just before serving, otherwise it will get wet and lose crumbs.


To whip the egg whites well, they must be carefully separated from the yolks, and the whipping dish must be degreased with vinegar and dried well.

Start beating the proteins at the minimum speed, gradually increasing almost to the maximum.

If you have a gas stove, bake the meringue, opening the oven door slightly.

Do not make the cooking temperature higher than the specified one, otherwise, by reducing the cooking time, you will not get a white meringue, but a cream.

This recipe is classic, but you can add new notes, using fruits and berries to your liking, as well as add almonds or pistachios and decorate the top of the dessert with a thin mesh of caramel or melted chocolate.

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