Squid Game Cookies – Recipe (2 Options)

The series, which became a hit on the Netflix streaming platform, generated a lot of memes. One of them is honeycombs or a game of dalgon cookies.

If you haven’t heard of the drama “The Squid Game,” it’s going to happen soon – mentions of the series have flooded social media and social media. The plot of the “Squid Game” series is based on the game of survival through various tasks for a cash prize. One of the tasks is related to cookies and has gone viral on social media. The game with sugar cookies is called Dalgona Candy Challenge.

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The essence of the challenge is to scrape the extruded figure from the sugar cookies with a needle without damaging it. The game is not as simple as it sounds, because the cookies are made of sugar (sugar honeycomb) and very fragile. In the series, the participant pays for the mistake with his life.

Even if you haven’t seen Squid Game, the long weekend is a great opportunity to find out why people talk about it and try Dalgon Challenge with friends and kids. By the way, teenagers are fond of gifts and parents; this is an opportunity to spend time with your children on the plane of their interests.

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“Squid Game” Sugar Honeycomb: Recipe 1.

The recipe for dalgon cookies is so simple that even a child can repeat it. Another feature: a few simple ingredients that will be in every kitchen. And embossing molds can be any useful item that fits your size.

Therefore, for “Squid Game” series sugar cookies you need:
3 teaspoons white sugar;
1/3 tablespoon baking powder;
baking paper;
cookie cutters.

How to cook honeycombs from the “Squid Game” series:

1. Put three teaspoons of sugar in a hot pan. Wait for the caramelization: it will take literally 6-8 minutes.

2. Then add the yeast powder. Stir everything well so that the dough of the consistency becomes a thick orange paste.

3. Pour the dough into two round molds on baking paper. Press a little to form flat circles. Warning! Do not hold down the press for more than one minute, otherwise it will stick.

4. When the dough thickens a little, push the contours of the future figure in the center. Cookies ready!

5. Let’s start the game: try to separate the figure from the other cookies with a needle or a toothpick.

recipe for squid cookies

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Squid Games Sugar Cookies: Recipe 2

Try cooking dalgon with sugar and baking soda as follows:

1. Caramelize ½ teaspoon of sugar. You can do this directly on the spoon by holding it over the gas burner. Try not to burn sugar, to do this, heat it over low heat and stir constantly.

2. Remove the sugar from the heat, add a little baking soda and mix well.

3. Pour the mixture onto a silicone mat and press with a flat object.

4 With molds, press the desired shape. Note: The more power you put into it, the easier the game will be.

5 .Wait until it hardens and separate the edges of the drawing with a needle or toothpick.

See how it looks in the process:

@chefgenevieve Dalgona candy challenge #foodtiktok #todayilearned #squidgame #dalgonacandy ♬ Life Goes On – Oliver Tree

“Squid Game” or dalgon sugar cookies are popular Korean delicacies that are often distributed on the street. The Sugar Sotka game became popular all over the world after the release of the third series of the “Squid Game” series.

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