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This cake will decorate any Christmas table.

Tsvibak (Zwieback) is a cookie, meaning “twice in the oven.” Very sweet cooking taste with tea, and especially with milk.

Christmas retouching recipe It was shared by Marianna Dushar, pastry chef and co-founder of the Instituto de Cuina Gallega, better known as Mrs. Stefa.

By the way, as Lviv Mayor Andriy Sadovy said, this year his family will receive a delicacy for Christmas.

Ingredients for two tsvibaki, because one, as the author jokes, will not be enough:

  • 6 cold eggs (50 g each), it is advisable to weigh them to obtain a total of 350 g;
  • 350 grams of sugar (you can give 300);
  • 350 grams of flour;
  • 1/2 teaspoon soda;
  • 350 grams of raisins + chopped apricots;
  • 350 grams of walnuts, finely chopped;
  • a few tablespoons of candied fruit without syrup;
  • vanilla sugar, lemon zest.


To bake tsvibaka for three eggs, you need to take a medium mold: 18 × 8 cm at the bottom (22 × 11 at the top, 6 cm deep). You can take fine tin shapes lined with parchment.

In advance the oven must be preheated to 200-210 ° C. Line the form with greased paper.

We then separate the yolks from the proteins. In a deep bowl, beat the egg whites with a whisk with a pinch of salt, as they turn white and rise – add a little sugar. What strength will the foam be, without stopping to mix, first add an egg yolk, then sift the flour with the soda, vanilla sugar and zest.

All the additives (raisins, nuts, dates, etc.) before adding them to the dough are mixed a little with half a flour with starch, so as not to fall to the bottom.

A spoon lightly mix all the additives with the dough and pour into molds lined with parchment.

Bake in the oven for about 45-60 minutesit all depends on the functionality of the stove. Start baking at 200 ° C, and in half an hour reduce to 180 ° and then “dry”.

We are trying to be prepared dry wood stick. Then turn off the gas and let it sit for 5 minutes. Then remove from the pan and allow to cool.

When cool – sprinkle with powdered sugar. The author recommends cutting the nail on the second day after cooking.

“Well, for the zwieback to be really zwieback (Zwieback – baked 2 times), it has to be cut and dried in a hot pan like cookies,” concluded Marianne Dushar.

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