Gluten-free Pavlov cake recipe – Recipes –

Gluten-free recipe for fashionable dessert “Pavlov” with clementine curd. We offer a recipe from the founder of the Glossary Organic Products and Glossary Foundation, Anastasia Tsybulyak. Preparation time – 15 minutes Cooking time – 12 minutes Ingredients Clementine Kurd 1 skl. sugar 2 teaspoons. corn starch 2 large eggs 2 large egg yolks 1⁄2 skl. … Read more

Current recipe: how to quickly cook a cake without baking

Worldwide, World Nurse Day is celebrated on May 12th. The party was approved by the International Council of Nurses on the birthday of the British sister of Mercy Florence Nightingale, who organized care for Allied soldiers wounded in Turkey during the Crimean War (Coalition of France, Ottoman Empire, Great Britain and Sardinia v. Russia). Florence … Read more

“Angel’s Tears” Cheesecake Recipe – Recipes –

Do you want to feel like a witch? Bake the “Angel’s Tears” cake. “What is witchcraft?” – ask after reading the recipe. Unpretentious dough, simple filling, no cooking problems. Miracles will begin when the cake is ready. During cooling, small yellow drops, transparent as molten amber, will begin to appear on its surface as pink. … Read more