Current recipe: how to quickly cook a cake without baking

Worldwide, World Nurse Day is celebrated on May 12th. The party was approved by the International Council of Nurses on the birthday of the British sister of Mercy Florence Nightingale, who organized care for Allied soldiers wounded in Turkey during the Crimean War (Coalition of France, Ottoman Empire, Great Britain and Sardinia v. Russia). Florence … Read more

What to cook with sorrel, except borscht: salad recipes with sausages, cake, dumplings

The salad requires sausages and some bacon, an open cake is baked with ready-made puff pastry and the ball dough is made according to your proven recipe. Simple recipes with sorrel / Photo: Collage: Today What is interesting about cooking with buckwheat, in addition to porridge, we have published. It’s time for the juicy seasonal … Read more

Balls with cheese and buckwheat: a simple and inexpensive recipe from food blogger Victoria Popin

More and more housewives have recently returned to the forgotten recipes of Ukrainian cuisine, finding among them delicious and, above all, cheap dishes, which will also be the decoration of the table. Food blogger Victoria Popin on his website Picante Cooking he shared the secret of making dough balls stuffed with cottage cheese, boiled buckwheat … Read more