The Lutsk pastry chef collected almost 70,000 for the Armed Forces in three days thanks to the Easter cake recipe

Lutsk pastry chef Inna Kravchukwho is currently in Poland with his daughters, thanks to a spontaneous idea with a charity sale of his own Easter cake recipe, was able to raise almost 70,000 hryvnias for Ukrainian soldiers in 3 days.

VolynPost News Agency Inna said she is still incredibly impressed and very excited by the reaction of Ukrainian women to her proposal.

After deciding to make an Easter cake in Poland, Inna Kravchuk, who is actively blogging on Instagram, offered to share the recipe with others in exchange for a charitable contribution to the head of the volunteer center. ” Hangar “. Olga Valyanik. The center is one of Volyn’s largest volunteer care centers. From here they send a lot of food, clothes, household items, and so on. in the population most affected by the Russian invasion, in addition to buying uniforms, appliances and cars for Ukrainian soldiers.

Inna says that when this idea spontaneously occurred to her, she could not dream of at least 20 participants. And over 200 women responded!

Many people bought the recipe, even though it is in another country, where half of the ingredients are not available. Someone was shopping for the future with the belief that next year they will cook the Easter cake at home in Ukraine. And someone just dropped the money and asked to give the recipe away to someone who might not be able to pay.

The initiator of the idea of ​​solidarity is sure that everyone is doing what they can to bring victory, even if they are away from home.

“It simply came to our notice then. I want everyone to be where they need to be and do what they can. All mothers who protect their child’s sleep a long time ago, all those who make the Easter cake will elevate the family spirit and faith in victory. When I came to Poland, my own people wrote to me that I was taking someone else’s place here, but everyone decides where their place is! And you can do a good deed with the kitchen, and it’s not always about money. And the question is in the unity of the spirit!

We all want to win equally, but we have different opportunities, and that’s normal! I was lucky with such wonderful subscribers! It turned out great. And I’m very happy to have been able to use what I can to help, “says Inna.

“I am proud to be part of such an amazing nation! I am delighted with the Ukrainians, our soldiers and our indomitable women. The women running in the kitchen are doing an amazing job! Imagine the masterpieces we will prepare in honor to our victory! ” – adds the pastry chef and thanks all the women who have joined the solidarity initiative.

The Lutsk pastry chef collected almost 70,000 for the Armed Forces in three days thanks to the Easter cake recipe

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