The Ministry of Health reminds that antibiotics will be sold only by electronic prescription from April

One of the priorities of the Ministry of Health in 2022 will be the fight against antimicrobial resistance and the control of infections transmitted through medical care, which introduces an electronic prescription for antibiotics.

This was stated by Health Minister Viktor Lyashko in an information session, according to the Ukrinform correspondent.

“In April, antibiotics registered in Ukraine will be released in pharmacies only if the patient has an electronic prescription. The launch of an electronic prescription will solve the problem of uncontrolled and unwanted use of drugs and, most importantly “Today, according to the Center for Public Health, almost 64% of people mistakenly believe that acute viral infectious diseases and colds can be treated with antibiotics,” Lyashko said.

According to him, only a doctor can prescribe an antibiotic. In the electronic prescription, the medication will be prescribed according to the active ingredient, indicating the pharmaceutical form and dosage. In addition, the doctor will also indicate the method of application and the duration of the administration.

The patient can exchange the prescription at a pharmacy connected to the electronic health system by choosing any of the available medicines that contain the active ingredient specified in the prescription.

The electronic prescription can be obtained from any doctor, regardless of the statement with the family doctor. However, in order to obtain the electronic prescription, you must be registered in the electronic health system.

According to the Minister, this condition also applies to pharmacies and medical institutions: it is necessary to be registered in the electronic health care system for all employees who will participate in the appointment and sale of prescription drugs.

Lyashko added that after the launch of the electronic antibiotic prescription, the next steps are to launch electronic prescription drugs, and then for all prescription drugs.

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The minister noted that resistance to antimicrobial drugs is currently one of the most serious threats to public health. Now, according to him, in the context of the pandemic, there is a significant increase in sales of antibacterial drugs and an increase in the percentage of their use in hospitals.

Lyashko recalled that since January 1, the accounting of antimicrobial drug consumption by observation and reservation groups has been introduced in the health facilities that provide hospital care. The list includes 29 drugs.

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As reported, the Ministry of Health approved in September 2021 an order to introduce an electronic prescription for antibiotics.

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