Thursday salt recipe: how to cook on Holy Thursday

Many of us know that the last week before Easter is called Holy Week. These days it is customary to observe the strictest fast, pray a lot, and complete the final preparations for Holy Sunday. Our ancestors believed that Holy Thursday has a special power: before sunrise on this day you must bathe and then prepare the salt on Thursday. theLime shares with you simple ways to make this amulet at home and how to use it.

Thursday salt (black salt) is made in a special way on the night of Wednesday to Thursday or in the early hours of the morning of Holy Thursday of Holy Week: in 2022 this day falls on April 21. The fact is that due to the presence of various chemicals in the salt when heated, a chain of chemical reactions occurs and it turns black. This salt has been baked for a long time in the oven, then consecrated in the church and stored at home near the icons. It was believed to have healing properties and protects against various diseases, especially skin diseases, it was also used to cleanse the body. The main rule during cooking: the house should be quiet.


How to make salt on Thursdays at home?

1. Четвергова salt with herbs

We take salt, black bread, rosemary, mint, lemon balm and oregano. Cut the bread or break it into pieces and mix it with water to soften it, then add salt and grated grass in a mortar. Put in the oven and bake. When the salt turns black, it is ready. Wait for it to cool, sift it and put it in a storage bag.

2. Четвергова salt with rye flour

You need to take 1 kg of salt and 10 tablespoons. l. rye flour. Pour salt into a cast iron skillet, mix with a wooden spoon, and set on fire. Heat it, stir it, and read “Our Father” three times. Then remove from the heat and wait until it cools. Sift it and pour it into a linen bag to store it, tying it carefully.

3. Четвергова salt with cabbage leaves

Remove the green leaves from the cabbage, grind with a blender and mix with salt. Spread the mixture on a baking tray and bake at 180 ° C for 40-60 minutes. When the salt turns black, remove, cool. Grind and pour into a glass jar to store.


How to use Thursday sal?

In many cases Thursday salt is used as a talisman. For example, for Easter it is salted with consecrated eggs, which are held after the service in the church.

The black salt container can be placed in the center of the table for use by people who need protection from disease and eye disease.

Thursday Salt can be added to the newborn’s bath to make him grow strong and healthy.

Young girls use Thursday salt for washing. It is thrown into the water and ordered by beauty and health.


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