Time for coffee in war, or a secret recipe just for you

The war continues. Gradually, the armed forces begin to reconquer Ukrainian lands: meter by meter, tree by tree, village by village. No one doubts our victory, but we all already understand that the war could soon end in a miracle. A miracle for which we all pray every day. We must gain strength and do everything in our power to win.

But you have to rest. It is needed both where there are fierce battles, and here, where the hard work is in full swing to help the front, help the refugees, help the wounded, help … And here is an example of breaking the front line, journalist Army informs Colonel Taras Gren.

A small canopy, demolished from the boards and remains of the forest, which was mainly used to improve the dugout. Somewhere, a few hundred yards behind our conversation, the enemy is likely to be watching, because the appearance of new people on the front line never goes unnoticed. Alexander hides a smile in the back of his green eyes and calmly shares his impressions of traveling the world. Middle East, Africa, Europe … It talks about the relationships of different ethnic groups, social groups, how people of different religions and cultural backgrounds live, as well as how they are treated in Ukraine and Ukrainians in different countries of our planet.

Alexander has extensive survival experience in extreme conditions. And yet he is an unbeatable combat physician, this is his current position in the unit. But despite all the combat work, our hero is known not only in his battalion, but also in the surrounding areas for his ability to prepare a delicious and fragrant coffee. Yes, frontline people are not only on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and are deterring Russian aggression, regaining strength and returning to observation posts. There is also a time for these little joys and delights. Although making coffee for Alexander is more of an art.


“I looked at my favorite recipe while I was in Iraq,” he says. – But I didn’t like the fact that they threw a disproportionate amount of cardamom into the drink. So I improved the recipe a bit. Oh, what do I tell you ?! We cook better.

And Alexander takes a small gas stove and a packet of fragrant coffee out of his backpack, and it’s like a kind of magic act. A little water, a little coffee, a little secret ingredients. Silently stirring the boiling drink, he continues to talk about the impact of coffee ceremonies in different countries on the development of society and politics. Within minutes, the exquisite aroma of coffee hovers over the entire VOP. I ask you to share the secret of such a strong aroma of this oriental drink.

“Well, it’s a secret,” says Alexander with a smile. – But I will share this culinary secret with ArmyInform readers. You need to take coffee beans, soak them in a little water and then roast them over medium heat. Then cool and grind. And most importantly, you need to love the drink you make with your own hands.

Taras GRAN

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