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In the fall, sellers say, buy more Ukrainians – to plant and preserve.

Strengthens the immune system and dilutes the blood – garlic – has long been called the king of species. Its healing properties were well known in ancient Greece and Rome. Because it contains a lot of vitamins and nutrients. How much does garlic cost in the markets now? How to make delicious desserts and what is fermented black garlic – was in history TSN.19: 30, February 19, 2022.

Garlic: where fermented black is grown

Serhiy Saranyuk has been cultivating varietal garlic in the Cherkasy region for ten years. It is scheduled to be harvested in early July. The remains and planting material from last year are stored in the refrigerator.

And behind the door is magic. Garlic – fermented and dried. Blackened without artificial dye. There are still clean teeth. And whole heads. This garlic is popular, especially in Asian countries. It can be added to a variety of sauces, pizzas as a condiment. Or taste it as a stand-alone dish. By the way, garlic is not extra sweetened. And this garlic is very useful. This black garlic is preserved for two years. A kilogram costs from eight hundred to one thousand four hundred hryvnia per kilogram.

Garlic: where to sell and prices

And in the Sumy market on black garlic, no dream or spirit. Garlic is brought here from China and Greece. Sumy is there too. It costs the same as the imported one. 100 hryvnias per kilogram. Sellers say the price has hardly changed since last year. But people take it mostly slowly.

In the fall, sellers say, buy more Ukrainians – for planting and conservation, because the Chinese – on the banks is blue and does not grow in beds. Instead, it is taken mainly in the winter to make so-called vitamin pumps.

Garlic: what is useful and who can not eat

Nutritionist Maryna Volkova agrees: Garlic is really useful, both Ukrainian and imported. Because it is a natural antibiotic. It is rich in vitamins and antioxidants

However, some people prefer to abandon its use. Definitely not for people with exacerbations of the gastrointestinal tract: gastritis, cholecystitis, gallstones, kidney problems. But people in good health should not abuse garlic. It is best to limit yourself to a few teeth a day.

Garlic: A recipe for an unusual dessert

Kropyvnytskyi restaurant chef Vasyl Derevyanko decided to cook an unusual dish: garlic brownie. For this dessert we need butter, chocolate, regular sugar, vanilla sugar, eggs, baked garlic and wheat flour. The main ingredient is garlic. You will need 300 grams for the puree.

They soaked it, cleaned it, cooked it with herbs, then picked the spices and beat the garlic in a blender and rubbed it through a colander. Melt the chocolate and butter in a steam bath. Add the roasted garlic puree, flour and pour into a mold. Put for half an hour at a temperature of 180 degrees Celsius. The cost of this dish is 168 hryvnias.

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